Obama “didn’t know” about #Spying? Or Healthcare.gov? Yeah. Sure. Whatever…

The #1 rule I learned in my early management days was about the critical nature of Trust. Being liked is overrated: you can be hated and still be wildly effective. But no matter how brilliant, or charismatic, or well-meaning you are, the day that your employees/co-workers/clients no longer trust you is the day your leadership is effectively over.

We have come, finally, to that day in the Obama Administration.

trust 955

Back in May and on the heels of his proclaimed ignorance of the IRS targeting of Conservative groups, I asked whether the president was a congenital liar, totally incompetent, or both (“The Many, Many, Many things the Obama Administration “…just didn’t know…” “). 

And today, we have our answer: it doesn’t matter. Because one explanation is as thoroughly debilitating to his now-shattered trust as the other: 

(via Marketwatch.com) – “…The White House ended surveillance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and some other world leaders earlier this year after learning of the existence of the program to eavesdrop on heads of state, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

The Obama administration had been unaware of the program until it surfaced in an internal review this summer, the report said…”

Echoing this now familiar theme, Kathleen Sebelius gave President Genius the same pass regarding the glitch-o-rific Obamacare Exchange website: 

To believe that the president was ignorant of either of these items defies logic, and the claim regarding the former has already been widely disputed. But I’ll return to my earlier statement: so what? Who cares if he didn’t know?

Exactly how is it a selling point to say that our Commander-In-Chief is some sort of telepromptered savant, unaware of anything his Administration is doing while he blissfully wanders the halls of the White House?

Mr Magoo 995Who could trust anyone so serially clueless?

But let’s be serious: even Mr. Magoo isn’t THAT oblivious of his surroundings, and fewer and fewer people are even pretending to buy this lamest of excuses.

Daniel Henninger wrote about this in the Wall Street Journal last week:

“…Amid the predictable collapse the past week of HealthCare.gov’s too-complex technology, not enough notice was given to Sen. Marco Rubio‘s statement that the chances for success on immigration reform are about dead. Why? Because, said Sen. Rubio, there is “a lack of trust” in the president’s commitments.


Sen. Rubio said he and other reform participants, such as Idaho’s Rep. Raul Labrador, are afraid that if they cut an immigration deal with the White House—say, offering a path to citizenship in return for strong enforcement of any new law—Mr. Obama will desert them by reneging on the enforcement…”

This is fatal, politically speaking.

In politics as throughout life, deals have to be made in order to get things done. Handshake agreements still lead to compromises, where each side cedes a little ground. This is true in every negotiation: public or private, personal or political.

Yet that essential give-and-take is no longer possible when one side utterly disbelieves the other. And in Senator Rubio’s defense, it’s not as if he made this determination without plenty of evidence:

And there’s more, of course; much, much more.

Liar Obama

This has to weigh heavily on even Barack’s most ardent supporters. After all, he swept to power, messiah-like, as a different kind of candidate. But worse than being revealed to be just as dishonest as the average politician, it’s apparent now that Obama is even LESS honest than normal.

That’s a pretty serious climb-down for the guy who was going to make the oceans recede, and it’s gonna leave a mark.

Doubted by supporters, reviled by opponents, and distrusted by erstwhile allies around the globe will likely leave Obama increasingly desperate, resentful, and ruthless.

Which means we’re all in for a very long three more years.

12 responses to “Obama “didn’t know” about #Spying? Or Healthcare.gov? Yeah. Sure. Whatever…

  1. He will just isolate himself further and allow Valerie to run the show. For fun, he will keep rounding up his admirers, and give more of his wind up speeches off the prompter.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Incompetent….or devilishly planned and expected outcomes?

    I’m with you on the trust factor, although like you, NOT trusting him isn’t anything new for me. The “trust” damage is now being done inside of all those special interest groups that he “gave victim status to, or enriched that status”, and the low-info types who were swayed by the pomp and arrogance of his flowery speeches, demagoguery, and emotion-laden quips and quotes.

    WELCOME to the real world all of you who are just now waking up to the absolute debacle that IS the Obama Presidency. You elected a completely unqualified street organizer to the highest office in the land. On the other hand, if your goal was the dismantling of the U.S. as a capitalistic, super power, you’ve definitely got your wish with this guy….

    • I’d compare the Obama experience and today’s Liberals to alcohol/drugs and teenagers:

      Teens think that drinking/drugs/etc. is so cool, even though adults warn them of all the dangers: hangovers, physical/social/health issues, and all the rest. Teens simply rationalize that THEY are gonna do it differently, you see: everyone ELSE just couldn’t “handle” it, but THEY can.
      Our warnings can even come true for their neighbor or their best friend, and STILL many won’t listen… until it happens to them.

      Only THEN do they finally figure out the dangers and problems inherent with drinking/drugs: sure, the buzz FEELS great!!…, but it only artificially suspends reality.

      And reality doesn’t go away: it’s still here. Just wishing it all were different doesn’t make it so.

      …Which, I think, is a pretty apt description of Liberalism in general, and Obama-ism specifically.

  3. Excellent, as always. Seems like every other day I switch from believing the man and everyone working for him is incompetent to, he is brilliant and everything is going exactly as planned.

    Regardless of what ends up being the case, people are beginning to turn on the chosen one when they realize how his policies impact them personally.

    Healthcare costs going through the roof and many Americans losing their coverage despite what they were promised is impossible to spin, even some in the media are waking up to that.

    • You’re correct, James: it is happening. Slowly.
      His acolytes are still out there: the soulless apologists who’d spin ANYTHING for him, no matter baldfaced a lie they have to tell.

      But this is beginning to look more and more desperate on their part, …because it is.

  4. Personally, I don’t think he cares a whit what happens to the country… just put a script in front of him to read and leave him alone… to play cards, golf, basketball with his celebrity friends.

    • I agree those are his priorities, Art.
      But I think he does care that his policies are enacted, only in that they reflect on him personally.
      I believe his narcissism to be his supreme guiding force, which is why he NEVER apologizes for ANY lie, misstatement, or factual error.

      In his mind, he’s simply never wrong.

      • It’s really bizarre to have the greatest country in the world run by a person like this. Most of my life I’ve looked at evil played out institutionally by governments and petty dictators in other countries and thought “never happen in America!” no longer. It’s all so sad. I grieve for my grandchildren.

  5. Reblogged this on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life and commented:
    Our POTUS can’t help himself. He is forced to lie every time he opens his mouth, and he has gotten very good at it!

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