“Magical Thinking” at the heart of #Obamacare’s failure…

I read a wonderful post from Mary Katherine Ham, where she neatly summed-up the overriding flaw in the Obama Administration specifically, and Leftist thinking in general:

“…Obama thinks when he says things, they just happen. There’s no small part of his entire candidacy and presidency founded on a sort of magical thinking.

magic hat 757

His presence would fix Washington even as he did nothing to fix it and exacerbated many of its worst features. His words would heal our divides and probably the ocean. It’s not surprising that his signature law would be animated by a lot of the same.

He said “Travelocity for health care,” didn’t he?

He said Benghazi’s perpetrators would be brought to justice, didn’t he?

He said the IRS acted inappropriately, didn’t he?

Problem solved…”

Mary Katherine is more correct here than I think she even knows.

This is why Obama’s lack of real-world experience is cited so often: he just doesn’t seem to understand what goes into an undertaking prior to imposing it. This was the case with his repeated desire to close Gitmo without having a realistic alternative, as well as his insistence that the Stimulus would create over 3.5 million jobs AND raise payroll employment to +137.5 million by the end of 2010.

Did either happen? No, because snapping your fingers and saying “Make it so” only works for Captain Picard:


A President’s fluffy-bunny dreams can’t replace reality, regardless of how many of his courtiers soothingly assure him otherwise.

Consider his ill-fated attempt to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court, or bring the 2016 Olympics to the United States, or to presently remake the entire Health Care industry, the results are always the same: industrial-level hubris, mixed liberally with short-sighted thinking, ending in massive, inevitable failure.

We saw it with everything from the Arab Spring, to Recovery Summer: Obama and the other liberals “imagine” what they want, and then proclaim it to be true. Never mind that back in the real world all of us conservative Negative Nancys were usually being total buzzkills, repeatedly warning that maybe, …just perhaps…, Barack’s latest Excellent Adventure might not result in the super cool Nirvana he was picturing.

I know, I know: pretty crazy of us, eh? 

cancelYet now here we all are, in the midst of possibly the grandest failure of them all: Obamacare, which is having exactly the effect that we warned him about. Not only is the Exchange website a disaster of epic proportion, but individuals are (surprise, surprise!!) having their insurance policies cancelled, or are suddenly facing vastly higher health insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, doctors are terrified about their own practices staying in operation, and people across the country are desperately trying to figure out what their coverage options even are at this point.

But don’t bother telling any of that to Barack and his fellow Magical Thinkers. Dealing with reality is apparently just for the rest of us.

2 responses to ““Magical Thinking” at the heart of #Obamacare’s failure…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Lack of any relevant experience backed up by rampant emotion = our current administration/regime. POTUS reminds me of a child with their tantrums, and constant rants of “I want, I want, I want”. They’ve demigogued about “the children” so much, and it’s apparent why: THEY ARE THE CHILDREN. And when ANY “grown up” tries to give them the reality of the situation, you get the same sort of childish responses.

    O-care is a disaster. The only thing worse is all of the gyrations they’re going to go through to try and save it – NO MATTER WHAT that costs us.

  2. Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself, too: what he said was just as offensive.

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