“Smart Power”: #Obamacare phone lines …refer you back to the Obamacare website

Obamacare FAIL website

During the President’s “Ignore the h8ters, y’all. O-care is really, like, teh bomb!!!…speech from the Rose Garden today, he gave out a 1-800 phone number to call, in order for us to circumvent the Pit Of Despair known as the Healthcare.gov website.

First of all, since the call center folks are using the same bug-riddled system that we are, trying to enroll by phone isn’t what one might call “an improvement”.

But this? Absolutely unbelievable:

Now in fairness, a couple of hours later it was discovered that someone COULD (maybe) get through…but to do so they had to choose an option that most folks probably wouldn’t select:

(via WashingtonExaminer.com) – “…The automated voice then asked me if I was interested in information on the marketplace, a “getting ready checklist,” or “small business options.”

I thought it made most sense to choose more information on the marketplace, but that prompt just gave me a description of the exchange and then suggested I visit Healthcare.gov as another option.

After trying a number of different scenarios, I did eventually connect with a live human agent without much wait, but only after choosing the “getting ready checklist” option from the main menu…”

This is supremely bad planning and execution, and a sign that morons were involved in the labeling of the options. But is it that big a deal?

Yes, because it’s a symptom of a far BIGGER problem.

As I pointed out recently, if they keep getting all of these “little” things wrong (ALL of them, mind you, over and over again), …this doesn’t exactly bode well for Obamacare itselfAfter all, why should we believe that the Administration’s management/execution of the overall law will be any better than their disastrous roll-out, which they planned for over three years?

Or an even scarier thought: what if the roll-out is the best part…??


7 responses to ““Smart Power”: #Obamacare phone lines …refer you back to the Obamacare website

  1. JTR,

    I guess we conservative bloggers should go ahead and play it straight, as if we originally bought the whole “Obamacare is going to be great” spiel. So now, as it turns out that it sucks in every way, we should post articles like yours here that “acts” astonished over how big a debacle it is.

    But in reality, we (at least you and I) knew from the get-go that government cannot do anything efficiently or gracefully, much less gargantuanly huge things that attempt to swallow 17% of the U.S. economy in one bite. In the belly of the federal beast, there is no motivation to do things excellently or competitively because there is essentially no accountability. (Cases in point: Lois “I Did Nothing Wrong” Lehrner, and Hillary “What Difference At This Point Does It Make” Clinton.) So the ObamaCare train wreck isn’t actually any “surprise” whatsoever, is it?

    For maximum effect in the blogosphere, “wide-eyed astonishment” is a better rhetorical device than “I Told You So.” 🙂

    – Jeff.

  2. His touting ‘press conference’ today was like listening to a ring master of a circus… and then, after he said because the website is not functional, ‘go to the 800 number’ and it crashed, it was like getting to see the circus in full. But of course, (and I’m being facetious here) the website AND phone number (and I’m sure all else that does not work with the entire fiasco) is blamed on the HUGE NUMBERS of people trying to get it all at once ROFLOL! Yeah, because as we know, facebook (as well as multiple other sites) have such problems… and the whole world uses it at once! ROFLOL

  3. I’m guessing Obamacare is broke already and probably ran out of significant funding awhile ago…would perfectly explain why NOTHING is working so far. Teach, you make the best point of all…look at Facebook with how many users at once?? Millions??? Oh, and Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc…ALL with high traffic and ALL of them at no cost to the average user!! Seriously, this is just way past embarrassing. Although, I still say that Obama’s main goal with the ACA was to destroy the free market capitalism that his father so detested. Mission accomplished.

  4. This should be a huge hint about Obama care….cannot even get off the ground. As far as the message..on line…use the phone….back around….just going in circles like there left foot is nailed down…what more could you expect from these dimwits!! I have tried very hard to be nice about this….the “guvmnt” or someone similar has prevented me from posting comments on certain sites…on FB…..guess that can’t stand the truth! I responded to the charge by stating that what I wrote was another comment reiterated…and also appropriate…but I have not been permitted to post for a week!!! They are getting touchy!!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  5. I like to try to imagine all of the millions of swift and painful ways anyone in the private sector would be immediately fired for even a fraction of this incompetence. Breathtaking lack of accountability…but that is what we expect of government.

    • If the last election says anything, Greg, I’m afraid it’s that the American people really don’t *need* accountability. Obama didn’t EARN his second term. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how that happened. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with fraud, but there were still far more people who voted for him over Romney. I just don’t get it! What on earth did they think a federal healthcare system would be?? Doesn’t anybody do any homework anymore? :/

  6. livinrightinpgh

    3 years….
    over $600 million dollars (to a Canadian Firm)….
    404 Error messages…
    A MANGLED roll out process…

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