Who is “Non-essential”? Obviously, our Government thinks that WE are….


bill-whittle 33When President Obama rolled-out the first act of his “Shutdown Theater”, my very first thoughts went back to his ‘We’re all gonna die‘ warnings of the Sequester. 

Which is why I re-posted Bill Whittle’s brilliant take on the Sequester from earlier this year, even though I figured Bill would eventually get around to opining on our current idiocy, as well…

And sure enough, he did:

6 responses to “Who is “Non-essential”? Obviously, our Government thinks that WE are….

  1. Whittle is a bit off here. The designation of non-essential is, like every word politicians use, misleading. What non-essential means in practice is work that can be postponed. For example, to keep people safe, we cannot send policemen home. On the other hand, road maintenance can wait — until it becomes essential.

    To figure out what needs to be cut from our government budget, we would be better off checking the Constitution. If it is not in the Constitution, then we should figure out the best way to get the Federal Government out of that business. Obamacare, of course, is a great example.

    In addition, we should consider things like the National Parks. Yellowstone National Park is gorgeous, but it is still part of Wyoming. What makes it necessary for the Federal Government to run it instead of Wyoming. When the Federal Government has clearly shown the capacity to abuse its powers over Federal lands, perhaps we should start considering how we can best give control over those lands to the states.

  2. Individual States’ rights? The Founding Fathers should have thought of THAT!!

  3. “genetically defective” — putting it mildly.

    There must be a lot of people looking for non-essential jobs. Government wants/needs more non-essential employees.

    Yep, meet the new non-essential, us.

  4. It is hard to pick just one, but if I had to, I would say this is my favorite video by Mr. Whittle.

    Thanks for the re-blog today

    • Always a pleasure, bro.

      And Whittle has SO many phenomenal vids, I don’t think I could narrow it down to one.
      Probably not even five, honestly.

      • You are correct, of course, but it’s what he said about the Park Rangers that completely resonated with me. When I saw the video of those rangers, it looked as if they enjoyed enforcing the shutdown. I went nuts and Whittle is the only one I have heard voice that sentiment.

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