“There’s no more cuts to make…” is THE Biggest Lie regarding the #GovernmentShutdown:

Remember this?

Yes, my personal nomination for this year’s Most Ridiculous Statement by a Government Representative Award goes to (not surprisingly, I admit) Nancy Pelosi, with her insistence that “the cupboard is bare” and that there are “…no more cuts to make…” in our Federal expenditures.

Nancy Pelosi - 9393No more cuts, Nancy?


Out of an almost $3.5 TRILLION budget?

There’s nothing we could somehow do without, buried in there somewhere?

This inane proclamation gets to the heart of our current Government Shutdown. Pelosi, Obama and the Democrats want need every last shekel to fund their ever-expanding list of overpriced-crap-they-gotta-have-now-now-now. It’s POWER, you see, and it takes money to maintain/expand a State’s power.

That’s why Obamacare and Health Care are such inextricable parts of this battle: nothing expands a State’s power more completely than having folks dependent upon the State for their very survival.


So when the Ted Cruzes and the Mike Lees insist that we CAN’T simply approve another debt ceiling raise without addressing the underlying spending, they’re merely trying to slap some sense into the elitist ignoramuses in Washington.

Which brings us full circle to “the cupboard is bare…”.

It’s a lie, obviously, but it’s a calculated one. King Barack and his Royal Courtiers think they can intimidate and bully their way to a political victory here. They’re betting on us swallowing their “no more cuts to make” tripe in order to rationalize giving up, and giving in.

Essentially they’re counting on you, me, the GOP, and everyone else ignoring reality itself, if only to make Obama’s Shutdown-imposed pain mercifully come to an end.

God help us all if they’re right.

10 responses to ““There’s no more cuts to make…” is THE Biggest Lie regarding the #GovernmentShutdown:

  1. Great post. I honestly can’t believe everyone isn’t tired of all this yet. But, then again, I am still waiting for Pelosi to drain the swamp.

    • Thanks, James!
      BTW: Pelosi is prevented from being the single most contemptible person in Government ONLY due to her staggering stupidity….

      But to your point, I think folks are getting tired of it: that’s why you’ve got the Truckers descending on DC this weekend, and the Veterans on Sunday.
      People are frustrated, and with President Tantrum in office, who could blame ’em…?

  2. “It’s POWER, you see, and it takes money to maintain/expand a State’s power.” … and it is WE THE PEOPLE who have the money. Governments would do well to remember that fact.

    • Exactly.
      That’s why they use bully tactics, Teach: the Government wishes to “dissuade” us from that old, outdated notion that it’s OUR money in the first place.

      This is gonna get worse, before it gets better….

      • Yep. This is not just an ‘obama’ thing either. I started getting politically active around the middle to late term of GW. Started attending the TEA party rallies, signing, calling, writing, etc… but when I truly dug deep into history, that is when it became clear to me, that this (our current system) has been corrupt for a very, very long time.

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  4. She’s still reading the Obamacare bill to find out what’s in it. Expecting any honesty out of this women is like expecting orange juice from a water mellon. It’s just not going to happen. Instead of putting her in Congress, her family should really consider putting her in a retirement home with automatic “Depends” changers.

  5. The Botox injections have finally taken their toll…….

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