After a Week Like We’ve Just Had, There is Only One Thing To Do

head-in-handsOur government’s decisions as a result of the infamous “Shutdown” have had my blood on a slow boil all week. But this is Sunday, and I don’t want to be political today.

[But did you hear about the civilian priests who have government contracts to minister to the military? They are forbidden access to military bases during the shutdown–even if they are volunteering their time to say Mass for Catholic service men and women. Ugh. There goes my blood again.]

No, we’re not going to talk about all that today–

Enter At Your Own Risk Sign 1[Not to mention all the scenic overlooks with barricades around them, because no one will be available to empty the trashcans. Apparently no one in our government has enough confidence in the populace to do what any small hotel does: post a sign.  How about this sign to be posted on all monuments, national parks, overlooks, etc:

 “View at your own risk, and please take your trash with you. This site is not being maintained due to the current shutdown.”

How difficult would that be? **Sigh** Never mind.]

Nope. I don’t even want to THINK about all that nonsense today…

[Oh–and in Florida, the government has decided to close…THE OCEAN.] 

angerYou know, right now I’m just one more angry person in this country. We are basically all angry right now, no matter which side of any issue we’re on. And we all blame the other side for the predicament we’re in. Both sides are sure they are right, and have arguments to support their position.

We worry about the debt, about health insurance, about jobs, about frivolous spending, about politicians’ inability to compromise enough to get anything done.  We worry about the state of the world, the wars raging, the innocents killed, the threat of terrorism, the sense of insecurity, the dangers of travel.

We ALL worry about these things. Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Libertarians.

But I’m supposed to be a Christ-follower. And I have been expressly commanded not to be anxious about these things–or anything else. I’m instructed to take all my concerns to the Lord in prayer, and to begin by thanking Him for everything that I can think of.


OK, Father. Here I am, at the end of an incredible week–I mean, really unbelievable. But I don’t have to tell You that. I’m sure You’ve been shaking Your head, too. Or maybe not. Nothing surprises You, does it?

Thank You for being the God Who Sees; nothing escapes Your notice. Thank You for being the LORD our Provider–economies crumble, insurance is unaffordable and food is dear, but You have promised to supply all our needs through Your riches in Christ. Thank You for those riches–the wealth of hope, of joyful expectancy which is ours.


And while I’m at it, thank You for creation. Autumnal beauty is all around us now: vibrant trees against brilliant blue skies, harvest in, air crisp. You have crowned the year with Your bounty. It’s all there, to be seen and reveled in.

I am so thankful for family, for friends, for Church. I am thankful for every day I wake to draw breath among so many people I love. I am thankful for meaningful work to do, and the strength to get it done. With Your help I intend to keep on doing it until I am physically unable, or until You call me home.

PrayerYou know all about all that noise out there in the world, Lord. We have to live with it, and we need all Your wisdom to cope with it. But any time it threatens to overwhelm us with fear, any time it makes us tremble or weep or rage…that’s a good time to stop and talk to You about it. Because when we bring it to You, there is one promised result.

Peace.  It doesn’t make sense to the world out there. But it makes sense in here.

Peace. Be still.

Thanks, Father.

30 responses to “After a Week Like We’ve Just Had, There is Only One Thing To Do

  1. the old curmudgeon

    Thank you GBL! You have made me feel a bit less curmudgeonly!

  2. “All things work together for good to those who love God” hang on to that and fasten your seatbelt.

  3. Great post, Sissy!
    A very real problem, and the very best of daily solutions.

    As always, you make me feel better than I did a few moments ago…


  4. If it’s any consolation, I saw the info about civilian contract priests not being allowed to volunteer to say mass during the “shutdown” and mentioned it to my husband, a former government contractor.

    He said that it’s part of an anti-graft law has been in place since the 40’s. any govt contractor being told to stop work must stop work and not even volunteer his time. By law.

    Now that really doesn’t address the underlying questions as to

    1) why they were told to stop work (might be considered an essential service, at least as much as a National Park Service guard).

    2) why the government complies with laws when it’s in their interest to do so, and in other cases, utterly disregards them.

    Let’s start thinking up our own ways to engage in civil disobedience. I think I’ll start collecting traffic cones from scenic outlooks.

    • “… I think I’ll start collecting traffic cones from scenic outlooks…”

      THE funniest line I’ve heard this week, Sally!!!!!!! 😀

      And in all seriousness, not a bad idea, either.

    • I truly don’t understand why priests can’t volunteer their time. Surely no one had priests in mind when they wrote this law regarding gov’t contractors!

      “Traffic cones.” JTR’s right…that’s a funny line. Thanks, Sally!

  5. Reblogged this on The Christian Gazette and commented:
    Today, this entry spoke to my heart… so, I wanted to share it with you, just in case you needed the reminder too! May God’s Will be done, in earth as it is in heaven, AMEN!

  6. Thank you sister… beautifully stated. Gonna share on my personal blog, too.

    • You are very welcome, sister. I’m glad it spoke to you today. This was one I really didn’t know I was going to write until I was in the middle of it.

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  8. I don’t even allow myself to become ensnared in this stuff anymore. I listen to Rush (even CLING to him some days!), pray often, and remind myself to always be grateful. I fill my “twitterverse” with like-minded folks who are Christians and patriots. I also LIMIT the news; even Fox makes me crazy these days! Thank you for this reminder of what we ALL need to be doing more of: Keep it simple through God!

  9. livinrightinpgh

    While I shake my head at the behavior of our government right now, still, I am NOT surprised. There is a clear element of evil that’s much too pervasive in our society, and we are seeing evil daily and in a number of forms. There is the goal of an ideology that they MUST serve, and it’s clear that they don’t care about their wake of destruction, who gets hurt, or who suffers. Sure, they’ll try to disguise their evil actions with flowery words and fake emotion, but it’s all too painfully clear WHO they serve…

    Regardless, my faith rests in that which is unseen, which gives substance to my hopes. As Goliath discovered, the size of your opponent is not as important as God being on their side.

    • It’s Satan…that’s exactly what it is. He is coming at us with everything he’s got. Look what he’s already managed to accomplish with folks who believe they are atheist. I despise the devil, especially, for what he has done to atheists. They actually believe they are CONTENT, even happy without God! It’s a war I have personally committed myself to!

    • livinrightinpgh & misswendee, I am in complete agreement. “and we are seeing evil daily and in a number of forms” yes, but the thing is, only those who are in Christ have their eyes open. The lost are blind and THAT is what is scary. Not anything man can do, not any political injustice, etc… no, those are but symptoms. The disease is rebellion against the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Every single thing boils down to Him. Excellent comments you two… I am blessed to be a part of this blog.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Ditto, sister!

      • It is a delight to be a part of these dialogues…someday we’ll all get to be in the same “room” together for eternity…but it would be great fun to have a get-together before then. I wonder how feasible that would be?

    • Preach it, PGH!

  10. Beautiful and perfect – peace be with you, amen.

  11. Way to avoid the shutdown issue 😀 another inspired blog by THABTO, you two are fantastic, educated, and articulate. I’m guessing you had fabulous parents who are extremely proud of you. Thank you for bringing the power of God into a seriously defunctional situation. We are indeed commanded to be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication to let our requests be made know unto God.

    • Well, libslayer, I really, really tried to avoid it…honest! Thanks for your comments, and for the reblog. We did have fabulous parents, actually. And we serve a gracious and merciful God who allowed us both, over time, to really appreciate everything they taught us. May God give you a peaceful week!

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