OUT: “Comparing apples and oranges”. IN: “Comparing Apple and #Obamacare…”:

This really doesn’t require any commentary from me:

However, I’ll also share with you Chip Bok’s rather similar take:

Apple Vs Obamacare 336

All I will say is: “Keep those brilliant comparisons comin’, Mr. President!!!”

5 responses to “OUT: “Comparing apples and oranges”. IN: “Comparing Apple and #Obamacare…”:

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Somewhere…..deep in the recesses of the White House….a group of the “enlightened” gathered to discuss “how do we spin the ‘glitches’ (more like DISASTERS) in Obamacare?”, and THIS is what the almighty brain trust came up with? On top of the buffoonery of the comparison is the obvious FACT that they know LITTLE to NOTHING (or less than nothing) about private sector business. In the REAL world (and JTR will likely be able to back me up on this), when our former employer had a team that rolled out a new program, and it had THIS MANY problems, the next thing out of the responsible party’s mouth was: “Would you like fries with that?”, because they were FIRED. Their attempts to spin this POS legislation may be both the best source of humor I’ve seen in a long time as well as the most disturbing….

  2. the old curmudgeon

    They were not always fired. Sometimes they get bailouts, bonuses, and raises. Think about the New Coke fiasco; which was sprung on or near Coca Cola’a 100th anniversary. There are many more examples I’m sure.

  3. That’s funny, but since Obama made the analogy to I Phone: the equivalent would be Apple putting out a new phone that wasn’t functioning right. And spending a huge amount promoting it. When people complained they’d say “you always have some quirks in the roll out”. But then they’d tell you “that’s just what makes this such a good product, and we’ll make it even better. We’re so proud of that and all our happy customers.” (I wonder how long they could string customers along with that line?) But Obama’s own comparisons are completely backwards.

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