#WWIIMemorial UPDATE: Barricades have now been wired shut…?

Completely unbelievable.

(***This is an update to “President Petulant hits a new low: the WWII Memorial Fiasco…“, from a couple days back…)

The National Mall and Memorial Parks spokeswoman’s rationale for these measures is as hysterical as it is disingenuous, especially when you consider that this is what the significantly less-trafficked WW One Memorial still looks like today:

Simply more of the same peevish & petty behavior, courtesy of our elected Democrat overlords.

Liberal Fascism 7717But it shows again Liberals’ willingness to completely and totally exercise their power. Remember the quote from Jonah Goldberg’s first book:

“…Progressivism, liberalism, or whatever you want to call it has become an ideology of powerSo long as liberals hold it, principles don’t matter…” (page 158, ‘Liberal Fascism’)

It’s of no consequence whether we’re discussing the way Obamacare was passed through political bribes, threats and parliamentary tricks on a strictly party-line vote, or having the IRS harass and intimidate the Left’s “enemies”, or even how the the investigations into scandals such as Fast-and-Furious or Benghazi have been delayed, sabotaged and stifled. The only concern of the modern-day Liberal is using their available power to realize their goals. Period.

Because “…principles don’t matter”, doncha’ know.

And if principles don’t matter (as they so obviously don’t to these folks), then you can take it as a written-in-stone, guaranteed corollary: you don’t matter, either.



UPDATE 10-4-2013 at 2:49PM: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can…….”

42 responses to “#WWIIMemorial UPDATE: Barricades have now been wired shut…?

  1. I can’t believe 90 year old warriors have suddenly become political pawns to be sacrificed on the altar of liberal ideology. I am appalled at the lengths Obama and his cronies will go to, but at this point I’m no longer surprised. 😡

    • I’ve never been “surprised” by anything this administration does…Obama was a community organizer, from CHICAGO, who won the presidency basically through affirmative action and racism. Nothing truly qualifies him to be president. What sickens me, is the collective rolling over on the part of Americans in general. People just seem to be so ACCEPTING of all of this…not all Americans, but enough to get him re-elected. THAT is unbelievable to me!!

      • I guess what truly surprised me at first was his brazen attitude. Once he realized how much power he truly wielded it was downhill from there.

        • True, Slayer.
          He’s like a 9-year-old who suddenly finds himself given his daddy’s credit card and super strength.

          Although to be fair, Obama is behaving with slightly LESS restraint than the 9-year-old would,

      • Wendee,
        Part of the reason why is that many if not most conservatives have been raised to be respectful of rules and authority: teachers, our elders, women, etc.,..
        Railing against authority figures and leaders feels very foreign to us.

        The Left, obviously, is under no such handicap.

        • True! Which is something I sincerely hope can be changed. We can still be respectful of the “title” without allowing ourselves to be verbally assaulted by the ideological person who has it!

          • And therein lies the issue.

            It’s not impossible to overcome, but it is certainly a reason many folks feel uncomfortable in challenging the authority of offices/people they’ve always been taught to respect.

      • livinrightinpgh

        This just in: IF you don’t roll over and accept Obama and the Left’s BS, you are STILL…….A……..RACIST!!!!

  2. JTR, if this continues and escalates, do you think we may have a storming of the barricades and occupation of the monuments?

    • Hmmm, ….”Occupy WWII Memorial”, or something like that?

      It would be interesting to see how the Media could castigate such a movement as completely unlawful, after they spent 2 years telling us how awesome the liberal Occupados were when they took over and destroyed entire areas of cities for months.

      But I’m confident they could do it.
      No question.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Once again, it’s up to US to spread the word and reality of this regime’s actions. They are beyond despicable, and even if you’re a dyed in the wool Liberal, you CAN’T support your party’s behavior.

    I strongly urge all to view the Harry Reid press conference from the other day, and also, the excellent montage put together by the Heritage Action group: http://heritageaction.com/democrats-protecting-obamacare-not-veterans/?utm_source=heritageaction&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=shutdown

    JTR: can you post that picture I emailed to you yesterday?

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  5. Well, when they want to destroy carbon footprints 👣with abortion and euthanasis, 90 year old heroes especially have no value. There are some Democrats in that group! Hope they all wake up!

    • It really does come down to a lack of respect, tannngl: for life, for citizens, for common decency, for honesty.

      There is only one imperative: their political goals. And that’s it.

  6. Ready for this? Hope you all are sitting down.

    If There’s One Story That Shows How Ridiculous the Gov’t Shutdown Is Becoming, It Could Be This One. They are now closing scenic overlooks!


  7. Appreciate the link Bro.

    Oh yeah…it is costing overtime pay for all the liberal idiots or their proxies to put up all these barricades around “free stuff”, like the National Mall, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, ect. They even put up an eight foot chicken wire fence around the “Turtle Park” for goodness sake!

  8. livinrightinpgh

    Really? NO props for my “orarectalitis” comment? What’s wrong with you people???!!! I’m DONE commenting on this blog!!! Well….at least until the next post.

  9. the old curmudgeon

    Government of, by, and for the Ruler Elite. OK People, I think it’s time to take it back!

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