#GovernmentShutdown Theater: “Making It Hurt”, …again

The examples are everywhere:


Why? Because we’ve been “bad”, and we’re being made to suffer. A truly contemptible, petty little man, and his equally contemptible, petty little cronies are trying to exact their pound of flesh from their political opponents (and anyone who agrees with them) by punishing as many of us as they can manage, and as visibly as possible.

All this, in order to look like heroes as the country begs for their return.

But these aren’t the actions of heroes, but rather of cold, calculating, narcissistic bullies. And no one is more culpable in this mean-spirited charade than our cold, calculating, narcissistic Bully-In-Chief.

We already included this Bill Whittle video back during the advent of the Sequester, but it’s too on point to not use again here. Certainly Bill’s explanation of those previous events translates perfectly to the contrived theatrics on display again now.

And if anything, the current situation is even worse:

18 responses to “#GovernmentShutdown Theater: “Making It Hurt”, …again

  1. In an act of kindness, it has been announced that US military academy football teams will be allowed to play this weekend.

    Is that generous?
    The government is just too good to us.

    • Wow, can’t ask for more than THAT, can we Bret?
      We just wanted our non-federally funded football game, and he “allowed” something over which he should have no control to actually occur.

      I need to write myself a note: must be sure to drop him a “thank-you” card for that one.

      Reminds me of the “Am I Not Merciful” scene from Gladiator, …maybe a little too much.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    It’s times like these that really bring the MORONS out of the woodwork…

    I’ve been viewing various blogs who are addressing the issue and the comments from far too many are enough to make me reach for the duct tape so I can wrap my head in it before it EXPLODES!

    JUST in case we get a “drive by Lefty”, PLEASE have the decency to acknowledge that the House REPUBLICANS voted to fund the gubmint with the exception of Obamacare. NONE of this other posturing and optics would be going on were it NOT for Harry Reid and his ilk in the Senate.

    PLEASE! Watch the Harry Reid press conference where he says he won’t even CONSIDER funding for child cancer issues. It’s “ALL OR NOTHING” for ol’ Harry and the gang. I guess “It’s for the children” can only be used for Democrat led initiatives, eh? Disgusting.

    PS: Hey Libs! Where’s that vaunted “spirit of compromise” we ALWAYS heard dribbling from your lips when the Right was in the majority? Your hypocrisy nauseates me.

  3. Wow. Talk about taking a four-year-old down the cereal aisle…this is the worst temper tantrum yet. Are they THAT mad that Obama has pretty much RUINED the Democratic party? And if they are so convinced that he’s the BEST thing to ever happen to the Democratic party, then why so stingy? This is what happens when your party is so laden with double standards.

  4. This ‘all powerful government’ dog and pony show is for the benefit of the ignorant. The ‘APG’ is using as much smoke and mirrors as they can to deceive The People… all in the hopes that they can win this war of power through the ones who do not pay attention to the facts and the day to day (minute by minute) actions from both sides. It is like when one sits down to watch a movie, we sit through the ‘previews’ of other movies… THAT is exactly what this ‘APG’ is hoping to achieve, grab the attention of those who never intend to watch the full movie, with a short, shocking and sickening preview. Those who are not critical thinkers, those who believe all they are told and follow the line, are easily persuaded and that is the intent of this ‘APG’…

  5. Yep, they are that mad. They are acting like kids who have tantrums when they don’t get their way. I hope they stay mad. Period!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is more of his Orwellian attempt to control the language and people’s perceptions – the more vast and important people perceive the government to be, the more indispensable, the more power he can aggrandize to himself.

    In any case, shameless and beneath the dignity of the office.

  7. The WW2 Memorial doesn’t even belong to the US government!
    It’s paid for with private donations. And it was built on LEASED land from the government. It belongs to We the People!
    “In short, the government lacks any legal authority to shut it down.”
    Maybe Phillips is right. It’s time we all, I mean ALL take a trip to DC.

  8. Aren’t those websites already paid for? And didn’t it cost more to redirect you to the ‘sorry we’re closed’ page? I’ve been away from the blogs fer a couple of days and this is the first I read upon re-entering. Mny thanks fer keeping up the good work JTR. You inspire me that as long as there are patriots such as yourself not all is lost.

  9. The federal government is shut down? Oh, hadn’t noticed. Wait, now that you mention it, there have been more available parking spaces downtown…

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