Let’s hear it for the Government #Shutdown….!

Lemonade stand 444

9 responses to “Let’s hear it for the Government #Shutdown….!

  1. livinrightinpgh

    “Who’s going to FEED my children???????”
    “Who’s going to FRISK the little old gray haired lady at the airport?”
    “Who’s gong to staff the DMV and give me LOUSY service with attitude?”
    “Who’s going to throw my neighbor in jail for underpaying his taxes so that I don’t get my welfare check???”

    On a positive note, the Obamas will NOT be traveling to Malaysia and the Philippines “because” of the “shutdown”. GREAT! That should be a $6,000,000 savings right there alone just considering Moochelle and her 60 person “posse”….

  2. I woke up this morning (day 2 of PARTIAL shutdown ) and would you believe that the sun still came up?

    • But, but, but, ……Piers Morgan told me this is horrible!

      What, you expect me to believe that Piers “Straight Shooter” Morgan was lying to me??? Oh, yeah, …fat chance of THAT.

  3. I second the libslayer – I couldn’t believe the sunrise today – it is almost as though there is a source of power in the universe other than the federal government. Nah – that’s crazy talk.

    • That’s ABSOLUTELY crazy, Greg!

      Where would you ever get the notion that the government wasn’t the most important thing which exists? That all those non-essential personnel are, in truth, absolutely essential?
      They lock people up for just thinking such things, you know….

      But not me, partner; no way. I’m a realist, and I KNOW that this is the worst thing, ever!
      Which is why, when I woke up today, I had THIS reaction:

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