An Obamacare/#Shutdown video metaphor??

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You could consider the following video as a metaphor for all of the political preening and posturing currently taking place in Washington, DC. Actually, there are any number of ways to look at it:

  • The truck driver could be Health Care, with “Death” being Obamacare itself. That way, the doctor would likely represent the Private Sector, trying to prevent the patient (Health Care) from dying at the hands of Obamacare.
  • Or perhaps it’s a portrayal of the futility of Central Control, with Death playing the part of an overreaching Federal Government which forced Obamacare onto an unwilling nation, with predictably disastrous results.
  • Still another possible analogy could have the Truck Driver representing the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee contingent in Congress, as Barack “Grim Reaper” Obama and Harry “Death” Reid refuse to negotiate with the Terrorist Tea Party Truckers. The Cruz/Lee character’s miraculous resuscitation and escape could portend how all of this Shutdown sturm und drang will eventually turn out.

Or, …maybe it’s just a funny little cartoon, with cool music.

You decide:

2 responses to “An Obamacare/#Shutdown video metaphor??

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I just keep seeing the proverbial scene from an old western movie. You know the scene…. it’s where a train with “Obamacare” written on the side is barreling down the track with the US economy and citizens inside of it and Conductor Obama sees that the bridge ahead is out (with pieces of track bending downward toward the small creek bed below) but just keeps steaming ahead.

  2. Any way you look at it, a pretty appropriate message.

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