All Weather Is Caused By Global Warming

No one destroys the Global Warming Alarmists’ ridiculous hyperventilating with quite the same aplomb as our buddy, Cosmo.

This post is shorter than normal for him, …but just as lucid. Great stuff.


I listened to an NPR story this morning about wild weather tied to unusual jet stream activity and I waited patiently for the eventual tie in to Global Warming.  I knew it would happen and I was not disappointed.

It’s not clear whether global warming contributed to the recent extreme weather in Colorado, but it is possible, Francis says. That’s because the Arctic is warming up much faster than other areas, which “must have an effect on the jet stream,” Francis says.

Never mind that Arctic sea ice increased this year.  And don’t look at the data showing Arctic sea ice at the same level we were at in 2005.  And by all means, don’t look at the data that show the Arctic sea ice is now ‘normal’ when compared to the average since 1981.

arctic sea iceBut those sorts of inconvenient truths will never stop the AGW…

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One response to “All Weather Is Caused By Global Warming

  1. This topic is rife with misinformation. The bottom line is that we have the same ability to save the earth as man has of saving Heaven from becoming less than eternal [for those who believe in Heaven, of course]. Between the constant shifting of tectonic plates, super-continental formation and reformation, and the normal cycle of temperature swings that have occurred over time as documented as well as can be scientifically achieved by today’s technology, the only salvation man can accomplish is limiting himself from harm and making himself more comfortable by exploiting the earth. Without the use of earth’s resources, how else is man supposed to survive his earth bound stay?

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