Cruz Control

Thank you, Senator Cruz………

10 responses to “Cruz Control

  1. A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. GREAT!!

  2. JTR, thanks for another great blogger. 🙂

    • Just part of what we try to do here.

      Blogging, at least back when it first started, was all about the strength in numbers. Which was why folks regularly linked to other bloggers, etc.,..
      Sort of a rising-tide-lifts-all-boats strategy.

      Nowadays, we’re seeing it less and less. We’re not one of the Big Blogs (yet), but regardless we’re doing what we can to help other Conservative bloggers get noticed.

      And thanks for being appreciative of the effort, Slayer. Wouldn’t make much of a difference if we didn’t have folks reading…


      • Well, I’ve followed your work fer a little while now and I’m never disappointed. Not by your work nor your reblogs. You’ve got a great group of patriots. And it’s encouraging to read the insight of likeminded Christian conservatives. Keep up the great work to all of you.

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