DETROIT’s War on Small Business: Making a horrible situation …even worse

As our economy continues to struggle, opening up our own business has crossed the minds of many of us. However, if you happen to live in Detroit, you’d better think twice (or even three or four times) before you decide to make a go of it in Motown these days.

Detroit - do not enter

Today, Detroit is facing issues largely of their own making, such as high unemployment (+18%), crushing debt, rampant crime, and blight. But if you were thinking that an aggressive, pro-business, let’s-all-pitch-in-together attitude would prevail in City Hall, …forget it.

That’s just not how they roll in the Motor City these days:

You know, if you PAID someone to try to destroy a city, they could hardly do a better job than what Detroit has done, allegedly by accident.

Of course, the issues those businesses are facing aren’t limited to Detroit. Across the nation, most small business owners are saying the same thing: if the government(s) would just stop taxing us to death and making us continually jump through their myriad regulatory hoops, maybe we could scrape out a profit, and then eventually grow, and maybe even hire more workers:


Ah, who am I kidding?

FAR too few politicians today view entrepreneurs &/or Private Sector businesses as potential partners, and more like how Michael Moore views bakery items, if-you-know-what-I-mean…

What cities like Detroit need is some humility: they need to admit to themselves that their previous decisions were wrong, and that they may not have all the answers. Heck, they should admit they might not even know what the questions are.

If they could DO that, they could then take the next step: hire an established business person with a proven track record, to help “force” them to make tough but sensible decisions. That’ll never happen, of course, at least not until the current crop of corrupt, moronic politicians are all voted out.

Because even if they did hire someone, based on their remarkable history of utter boneheadedness, it’d probably be someone like Dr. Phillip Barbay from ‘Back To School‘: long on theory, but painfully short on actual, proven, real-world success.

Of course in Leftist havens like Detroit, that’d be a selling point:

2 responses to “DETROIT’s War on Small Business: Making a horrible situation …even worse

  1. This is what happens when your ran by inept people for decades who either aren’t smart enough or don’t care enough to change. They kept hoping jobs would return in the manufacturing side and did nothing to change the economic model of the city.

    If you don’t change your business or your city to fit current conditions they will slowly die out as the case with Detroit. You have to wonder if Detroit will ever learn this lesson.

    Side Note: After losing everything, I put the blog back up. went back to my original name.

  2. Channeling my inner “Forrest Gump”: Stupid IS as stupid DOES.

    Perhaps if they started reducing the obscene layers of bureaucracy in Detroit, they wouldn’t need to harass businesses and fee them to death. This is the problem you have with most major inner city areas. There are simply more takers than makers.

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