The Politics of #Obamacare: ’nuff said…

Courtesy of the always brilliant Gary Varvel:

Obamacare - defund it...


And for the latest news behind Gary’s cartoon, look no further than today’s post from Here’s just an excerpt:

“…President Obama, the White House staff, Cabinet secretaries, and all of the Administration’s political appointees are exempt from any legal requirement to enroll in Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges. While Members of Congress and their personal staffs are required to enroll in Obamacare’s exchanges, the White House,through questionable administrative action, is providing them hefty taxpayer subsidies to offset the resultant increase in their personal health care costs.

In other words, Washington’s arrogant political class is getting exemptions or special treatment denied to ordinary Americans.”

Read it all….

11 responses to “The Politics of #Obamacare: ’nuff said…

  1. Currently listening to the filthy liar in chief speak… I cannot believe the LIES that are coming out of his mouth. This guy and the STUPID CROWD CLAPPING are… omgosh, I am so angry, I cannot think of words to use. UGH.

  2. The momentum for REPEALING this NIGHTMARE of legislation known as Obamacare or, if you prefer: PPACA, is continuing to build. Were it just us low level, get to the back of the bus Conservatives crying FOUL (or perhaps more aptly: FOWL, for all of the chickens in Washington) those cries would continue to go unheard. HOWEVER…….we NOW have this “interesting” statement:

    Terry O’Sullivan, President of the Laborers International Union of North America, said on Wednesday that his union wants Obamacare “fixed, fixed, fixed….But if the [law] isn’t fixed…then I believe it needs to be repealed.”

    Of course, by “fixed” he means that HE and his UNION buddies want one of those highly values exemptions. Screw the rest of the American people as long as the UNION gets ITS fix!

    BUT! Two days later, in their patented “Friday afternoon info dump”, the Treasury Department said that they would NOT be granting the Union’s exemption and that the law “can’t be ‘fixed'”.

    Won’t THIS be a sight to see: Unions and the Tea Party side by side on an issue AGAINST the POTUS.

    • Like the old saying goes:
      The enemy of my enemy…”, etc., etc.,

    • I sure wish you had a blog I could follow livinrightinpgh, I always enjoy your sensible comments! 😀

      • You are TOO kind, Teach. But please….trust me on this one: I do better as the Stan Laurel to JTR’s Oliver Hardy….

        Seriously, JTR and I have been friends for 2 decades. We can complete each other’s sentences or say them before the other even opens their mouth! In this case, I am honored to SUPPORT my friend’s endeavors.

        • True friendship is a blessing and rarity… bless you both!

          • I take it as a point of pride that we have some truly remarkable commenters here at “Two Heads”, but PGH is definitely one-of-a-kind, Teach.
            And I agree with you wholeheartedly: his comments are virtually always spot-on.

            He’s also one of my closest friends, ….which doesn’t say much for his choice in people, but I try not to hold that against him.


            • Well….I didn’t pass the test, Ollie, but I WAS number ONE on the list of those who failed……

              • livinrightinpgh

                And YES….I know that’s a line from Abbott and Costello, but I HAD to stick with the Laurel and Hardy rap that I started earlier….

  3. I’m sick of this junk. I’m tired of politicians passing laws that they must exempt themselves from. I’m exhausted trying to keep up with every stinking God forsaken scandal. AND I’M WHOLEHEARTEDLY DISGUSTED WITH OBAMACARE!!!

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