Vogue Magazine’s embarrassing love letter to Mrs. Assad

HOW does the Left affect Pop Culture? More and more, the Left IS Pop Culture, as this excellent post attests.

Thanks to Tom over at ‘Quiner’s Diner‘ for the legwork here…

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

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Liberal chic is built on fluff.

How you feel trumps how you act.

Style supersedes substance.

Thought conformity is valued more than intelligent thinking.

Four media outlets help mold modern liberalism: the Huffington Post; the New York Times; Newsweek Magazine; and Vogue Magazine.

Vogue, with its 11.7 million readers, looms particularly large since liberal chic is such a fashion statement. Vogue has lovingly advanced the status of Michelle Obama and Texas human abortion advocate, Wendy Davis, on their pages. They championed another emerging icon two short years ago in a lavish spread, which, mysteriously, has been scrubbed from the internet.

“Asma al-Assad, A Rose in the Desert” was a breathless love letter to the wife of Syrian butcher, Bashar al-Assad. How did Mrs. Assad become so chic to liberals?

Several forces were at work.

For starters, liberals don’t like Israel. Syria is a Jew-hating nation that periodically threatens…

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3 responses to “Vogue Magazine’s embarrassing love letter to Mrs. Assad

  1. Vogue’s next story: Fidel Castro: Human Rights Hero.

  2. Amazing that I’ve never heard of this Vogue article….I’ve never read a Vogue magazine, have always known they were liberal I just didn’t realize exactly how liberal they were. I found it interesting that they went out of their way to mention the lack of wedding band worn by her….. Hooray fer feminists. Thanks fer sharing this article my friend from the right. 🙂

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