Hey, what happened to Obama’s “laser-like focus” on jobs?

Lost in all of the Syria/Obama/will-he-or-won’t-he headlines from the past several days is the massive devastation of the United States jobs market.

Glenn Foden over at Townhall.com summarized it perfectly:

JOBS - pipelines would help 443

To place Glenn’s cartoon into context, all you need is this article from Bloomberg News:

“…While unemployment dropped last month to 7.3 percent, the lowest level since December 2008, the decline occurred because of contraction in the workforce, not because more people got jobs. Labor-force participation — the share of working-age people either holding a job or looking for one — stands at a 35-year low.”

And yet the President still doesn’t seem inclined to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would be a boon to our economy by way of both jobs and energy security.

So in the space of one week, we’ve seen spectacular failure by Dear Leader on the World Stage, and his chronic failure here at home.

Just business as usual in the Age Of Obama.

14 responses to “Hey, what happened to Obama’s “laser-like focus” on jobs?

  1. Are you trying to tell me that just saying “I have a laser-like focus on jobs” isn’t enough to actually make employment in the U.S. better? HUH! Didn’t see that coming!

    If THAT’S the case, I may need to stop believing his words about world peace, peace in the Middle East, slinging stones at Syria, the economy, alternative energy, global warming, zzzzzzzzz…….

  2. JTR, don’t you know, in his mind ,Obama has been successful on jobs. It has been 40 consecutive months that more people have left the workforce that found jobs http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323623304579058692012971458.html.
    This is what he meant by fundamentally transforming America.
    And we still have over three years more of him.

  3. He’s only laser focused on his golf game and getting his ass handed to him by Putin. He couldn’t find his jobs plan with a GPS! We slide of the cliff and the sheep just keep on jumping.

  4. All y’all who are needing those jobs as promised by our feckless leader need to move on down here to Texas . We’ve shown the world how to produce and maintain a solid working economy. Our GDP rivals some of the best in the world. And NONE of our numbers have anything to with Obama’s magic wand. Actually quite the contrary

    • Bypassing the COUNTLESS funny lines that are running through my head right now about “Obama’s magic wand”…..let me just say this:

      Texas has done an AMAZING job in several CRITICAL areas with regard to job creation:

      1. They’ve attracted a LOT of the medical community by enacting SERIOUS tort reform
      2. They’ve ELIMINATED tons of business killing regulations. (See some of JTR’s previous posts on our “Regulation Nation”.)
      3. They’ve incentivized businesses through more favorable tax programs that have increased EMPLOYMENT, and kept the State’s bank account full of NEW REVENUES from employees.

      Conservatism works every time it’s tried…..

      • LOL I didn’t think through the whole magic wand statement did I. And you are correct. Many folks don’t like Perry but he has done a phenomenal job down here. May Texas stay red forever.

        • Ya know, Slayer, it just never ceases to amaze me that SOME folks simply DON’T get the fact that if you incentivize business to come to your State, not only do you create employment opps for your residents, but you get the benefit of the payroll taxes, the individual taxes, and MOST OF ALL: all of the businesses that are created in SUPPORT of those new jobs. Housing, grocery, etc…..

  5. Just saw a great quote about unemployment in our Country: ” if you stop looking for work, and go on food stamps and welfare, Obama says the unemployment number just got better!” (Wayne Root)

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