Obama’s ‘big’ speech on #Syria accomplished LESS than nothing…

For a guy who loves to talk as much as our President, a fifteen minute speech barely gives his teleprompter a chance to warm-up.

Blah Blah Blah -It was …unusual. He at once made the case for striking Syria, even as he gave support for continuing diplomacy à la Russia and John Kerry’s verbal gaffes. Which is it?

Should we bomb everything that moves because Chemical Weapons are an affront to the civilized world, or should we trust that Russia’s Putin will help us hold Assad accountable by making him pinkie-promise to never kill his citizens in that particular way again?

Who knows?

What is clear is that nothing President Peace Prize said made much of an impact:

What’s more, there are still a ton of essential questions that are as yet unanswered regarding any attack on Syria, which Heritage pointed out this morning:

question-mark-crop2_resized_640x480Who would provide logistical support for the operation? Would there be a protection force? If so, who would provide it? The United States? Not likely, because the President has said there would be “no boots on the ground.” What about Russia? They may jump at the chance to bolster their position as Syria’s wartime ally, but how could we possibly trust them?

What about a United Nations force? First, there is no such thing. Nation states have to volunteer troops to a mission authorized by the U.N. Security Council. News that a bipartisan group in Congress is drafting a resolution to give the U.N. time to take control of Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons—possibly the largest cache in the world, with more than 1,000 tons of sarin and mustard gases, VX, and other precursor chemicals—is hardly reassuring.

Russia might approve a feckless inspection regime that it completely controls, but it made perfectly clear earlier today that it would not—as France proposed—allow over its veto a Chapter VII resolution that promises serious consequences should Syria fail to comply. Russia called France’s resolution unacceptable and is demanding a non-binding statement instead.

If the President was going to give those answers, last night was the time to at least hint at them. Seeing as how we’ve been tipping our cards to Syria for ages about our intentions, it’s not as if this would have compromised anything at this juncture.

Essentially we’re left with diametrically opposed messages within the same message: we need to punish Assad because he’s committed egregious crimes against humanity, yet waiting indefinitely is dandy, too. The situation compels us to conduct a deadly serious yet “unbelievably small” military offensive. Assad is a serious threat to our national security, …and then again, he’s no threat at all.

If you can divine any sense out of all this, you should apply for Cryptography school. Immediately.

ReasonTV had perhaps the best overall take, even allowing for the fact that they’re forsworn against most military actions. But their problems with the President’s Let’s-Go-To-War-Or-Maybe-Not speech were the same ones I had.

You be the judge:

14 responses to “Obama’s ‘big’ speech on #Syria accomplished LESS than nothing…

  1. Once again OBAMA wasted 15 minutes of my life last night. I honestly don’t know why I listened to his speech, it’s not like I was expecting an intelligent fact filled speech . Once again he used children to pull the heart strings of Americans with little if any approval numbers from the public .

    • ‘The Greatest Orator of Our Time’ failed to convince us (yes, I suffered right along with you), and I can’t believe he convinced anyone that either didn’t already agree with him, or someone who desperately, frantically WANTED to be convinced, like an abused spouse who keeps coming back for more.

      He’s a tremendous campaigner, …and that’s it. It’s tragic that his one attribute has been enough to hobble our country so completely.

  2. Let’s face it: All of the rhetoric, posturing, re-posturing, and MEGA-waffling are for NO other purpose than to try and cover up the entire “red line” debacle that Mr. Obama created all by his little ol’ lonesome.

    By HIS standards, children in Syria have lives more valuable than in places like Ruwanda, and EVERYWHERE else atrocities have been committed WITHOUT U.S. intervention.

    Foreign policy under his administration is BEST summed up by that old military expression: FUBAR

  3. If you want a good laugh, read Walter Shapiro’s and Andrew Sullivan’s reviews of the speech. They apparently did not get the memo Dan Milbank received, telling them it’s ok for libs to trash the speech.
    Could it be that people are seeing what we have known for years? The emperor has no clothes.

    • No clothes? Heck, the Emperor has been running through the streets completely starkers for years…
      –Bozo The Clown had more obvious gravitas.
      –I’d take Pee Wee Herman’s advice on foreign policy, right now, over Barack’s.
      –Obama has the intellectual heft of a hockey puck. And the puck’s a better human being, too.

      Give me a few minutes: I’ll think of more…

  4. I missed the speech last night and really didn’t want to watch it anyway. Thanks for the overview and short video. There was far more said here than in his speech, I’m sure. 🙂

  5. Great interpretation. This sort of goes with it.

  6. WTF (Where’s the Feck?). Himself is the poster rodeo clown for Feckless.

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