9/11 – A Tribute… (2013 re-blog)

Never forget

Two Heads are Better Than One

I remember, as I’m sure we all do, exactly where I was on 9/11/2001. Based on the timing, at approximately 10:00am that morning Flight 93 had to fly almost directly over my car as I was driving to State College, PA. In addition, my little brother was working in Manhattan at the time, and I obviously couldn’t reach him on his cell phone.

It’s been eleven years, and still I have no words, no pithy summation. I have nothing but prayers for the survivors and the fallen, their family and their loved ones.

This video has been around for a few years now (2007), and has accumulated over 3 million hits. You may have already seen it. Regardless, I’m including it here due to its power, and because being mindful of history is the only way we can hope to notrepeat it.


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7 responses to “9/11 – A Tribute… (2013 re-blog)

  1. It never fails to have the same impact on me that it had when I first saw it happening 12 years ago. Only now, I get to add the tragedy of Benghazi from last year to it…….

  2. I’ve been looking foward to seeing your 9/11 blog, and I wasn’t disappointed. A touching memorial. God bless you my friend…… AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

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