Remember all that hogwash about “If you LIKE your Insurance, you can KEEP your Insurance…”?

Golly, who could have seen this coming?

So even though you may WISH to keep your insurance, …it doesn’t seem to be UP to you anymore, now does it?

Obamacare - Exempt America

12 responses to “Remember all that hogwash about “If you LIKE your Insurance, you can KEEP your Insurance…”?

  1. The “snow job” perpetrated on the American people is simply sinister…..

    Good bye, choice. Hello, Single Payer!

    Which is, of course, what POTUS and his marionette puppeteers wanted ALL ALONG!

    • So many of the politicians were open about it (Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi, among many others), I’m still amazed this comes as a surprise to anyone.
      Then I remember that folks who chase down all the news (and who don’t rely on the DNC/Network news talking points) are in the distinct minority in the nation today, ….
      …. and it all makes sense.

  2. I’m really getting tired of sounding the warning bell and then months or years later, the masses, the corporations, the groups of whatever, the ‘media’ or whomever finally gets a clue. OMGOSH! I mean, why didn’t they (all of them who eventually cry and complain) listen to SO MANY in the very beginning!

    p/s: JTR (and everyone else) please go to my blog and vote in my poll… a man’s opinion would be wonderful! 🙂

    • They don’t listen because they’ve been trained to NOT listen to dissenting views. The Left has done a remarkable job of insulating their followers.

      PS – I’ll go vote right now!

      • I hear ya JTR, sadly, ain’t it the truth.

        Poll is gone now… LOL but thanks anyway!!

        AND a super huge BIG thank you to all who did vote, you did help me out with my decision! 😀

        • Sorry I missed it, my friend: didn’t realize it was time-sensitive.
          What was it about?

          • Yeah, I had to have the answers by this morning. I could not decide which vehicle to get… the Ford Escape or the Ford Focus Hatchback (I’m not a Ford gal, but it was the card that was dealt), so I was asking for opinions! Today, all praise and glory to God in Christ Jesus, I got my very first brand new car, a beautiful 2013 black Focus Hatchback!!! OMGoodness, I am so excited about it… as a matter of fact, I may just go out in the dark of night and take a joy ride!! 😀

            • I rented a Ford Focus last year: had an excellent ride, and the gas mileage was impressive. Was a nice looking car, too.

              I always used to prefer GMs to Ford (my 1st car was a 1975 Olds Cutlass 2-door), but that all changed with Obama’s bailout of GM and Chrysler. Nowadays, the only domestic vehicle I’d consider is a Ford.

              Congrats on the purchase: the Focus has a pretty decent service record, too, from what I can see.


          • Oh, and no worries at all that you missed it my friend, it was not super important. p/s: I have been a ‘pre owned’ mini van driver for the past 16 years, so this is like, HUGE for me!

            • We’ve only owned 1 car that was off-the-showroom-floor new, and that was my wife’s car waaaaay back about 18 years ago.
              Ever since, we’ve been a lightly pre-owned household, too.

              Hope you enjoy your new ‘toy’, Teach: New cars are a LOT of fun!

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