AlfonZo Rachel: How to TRULY help the Black Community

AlfonZo Rachel 787‘Zo has been a favorite of ours here since we saw this short clip from him many years ago. And although we’ve also linked and shared several of his subsequent videos, his latest (below) is as good as any of them.

Black conservatives like AlfonZo, as well as Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Francesca Chambers, Shelby Steele, E.W. Jackson, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Walter E. Williams, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and many others, have shown that embracing conservative principles is not a black/white thing: it’s an AMERICAN thing.

In order to truly help more folks in the black community realize their full potential as Americans, more people IN that community need to stop listening to the self-appointed black “leaders” and start asking some questions of themselves …which ‘Zo articulates beautifully:

7 responses to “AlfonZo Rachel: How to TRULY help the Black Community

  1. As usual, the man is spot on with truth and entertaining as well.

  2. When “what can the Republican do FOR” us, no longer means more handouts and more rightly means a hand UP, then there will be a meaningful conversation and a path to success.

    I’ve said this a LOT, and I’ll continue to say it: The Democrats and the Left are nothing more than a modern-day “Plantation owner”, and they have enslaved a group of people (and NOT JUST blacks, but whites and Hispanics, also) on the plantation of welfare.

    • You bet, Pgh: “caring” has now become synonymous with “government handout”.
      It goes back to the post on *Hate* I wrote earlier: if you don’t agree with the Left’s definitions, then you’re said to “hate” whatever group they’re targeting. Stupid, illogical, …and so far, politically effective.

      The various groups which have been enslaved to these creeps (blacks, Hispanics, etc.,..) had better wake up.
      Look at Detroit, guys: do you REALLY think the Dems have your best interest at heart?

  3. And REPUBLICANS are considered “racist!!!” Makes me laugh…literally makes me laugh.

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