Our Leftist Federal Gov’t makes its favorite argument to #AGW skeptics: “Shut Up!!!”

AGW - globe on fire 444

Today’s lesson: how Liberals go about “arguing persuasively”, specifically in the area of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Our first example is by way of the EPA:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The newly appointed administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday the only way to confront climate-change challenges and environmental problems facing agriculture is for farmers and government agencies to work together.

Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator for three weeks, said she accepted Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s invitation to the Iowa State Fair to celebrate steps Iowa is taking to control the runoff of farm fertilizer and manure.

“The challenge today is just to stop arguing about the problem and really start driving solutions,” she said in the speech.

That’s a bit of an odd statement, since if we don’t agree on the problem, it’s rather hard to “start driving solutions”. However, it echos the President’s recent Twitter attack on everyone who doesn’t blindly embrace Man-made Global Warming:  

“Deniers”? You guys have been using that term for years now, and equating Climate skeptics with Holocaust Deniers still ain’t doing ya’ any good.

And don’t forget about Obama’s new Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell:

I hope there are no climate-change deniers in the Department of Interior,” she said.

Shut-Up-Graphic-09Here’s a hint to the new heads of the EPA and the Interior, as well as to the President: “Shut Up, and fall in line…!” is not exactly a winning argument.

Actually, by constantly trying to shame or bully your opponents into ending the discussion (“The Science Is Settled…“), you’re making guys like me even more suspicious of your claims than we would be ordinarily.

Oh, and as Charles Krauthammer brilliantly states, it’s also pretty much the opposite of science.

This concludes today’s lesson…

10 responses to “Our Leftist Federal Gov’t makes its favorite argument to #AGW skeptics: “Shut Up!!!”

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Krauthammer: “unscientific and arrogant“.

    That sums up this administration VERY nicely…

    • Special emphasis on the whole “Arrogant” part…

      These folks are so tone deaf, it’s stunning.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Well….when you’re ALWAYS right and ALWAYS know better than anyone else, why even BOTHER listening? You can almost hear their conversation: “Wow….these folks (Avg low info voter) are SO gullible and have bought into all of our lies! They ACTUALLY think we’re here to HELP THEM!…….”)

  2. A few other words describing them could be scandalous, hypocritical, tyrannical, incompetent, inept, socialist/communist, arrogant and disconnected. Oh! Uncaring. There are many more but UNtruthers have so many characteristics, too many to tell.
    Excellent, JTR.
    They do try to shut us up and they succeed to a point.

  3. Hey JTR! Here’s one that’ll make you think you’ve stepped through that curtain and entered the Twilight Zone.


  4. AGW is little more than a cult with absolutely brilliant idiots leading the charge into ignorant bliss.

    • I can’t argue with that, Slayer.

      These A.G.W. fanatics are tremendously good marketers, I’ll give them that.
      They also happen to be lying, contemptible cretins.

      They’re just EFFECTIVE, lying, contemptible cretins.

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