The Three Little Pigs, Shakespeare-style

3 Little Pigs

art by M. Engelbreit

In case you missed this when it went viral on YouTube, John Branyan, a Christian comedian, does this wonderful routine which is probably á propos of nothing whatsoever in the news this week.

However, I’d like to point out three very important factors which make it immensely apt for inclusion on our blog today:

1.  It is highbrow humor, and we here at Thabto like to give a nod to culture, from time to time.

2.  It is patriotic.  But you won’t know that unless you actually click on the link and watch the entire video. Go do your duty!

birthday cake3.  Today is my brother JTR’s birthday, and I wanted to do something to make him laugh.  ‘Cause he’s so good at doing that for me.

Enjoy, folks!  Plenty of time to be serious again tomorrow…

9 responses to “The Three Little Pigs, Shakespeare-style

  1. Awwww, ….thanks, Sis!!

    As I told you many months ago, I was completely ignorant of this video until you mentioned it to me. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of Shakespeare (a horrifying admission for an English Minor, I know), this is wonderfully done and very funny.

    Go raibh mile maith agat“!! 😀

    • I showed you this many months ago? Sigh. One more reminder that I am five years your senior…I didn’t remember that I’d ever shared this. Ah well! Glad you liked it anyway! Love you, bro.

      • I only watched it the one time, probably last year.
        But I just shared it with Mrs. TurnRight (& our little Turns), who’d never seen it. It was enjoyed by all, trust me.

        One note: having a naturally inquisitive mind, my youngest turns to me and asks, “How did the cigarette stay lit in that man’s pocket, Dad?”

  2. Awesome video clip!

    BTW: Happy Birthday, JTR! Maybe it was just the blog’s banner that influenced me, but I was always of the impression that GBL was your YOUNGER sister…..

  3. “Say what?”
    This is wonderful! It really made my day in the last 1/3 of the vid! Needed it!

  4. Whereforeth today thou dotheth groweth in age, I sendeth greetings and wishes on the anniversary of your natal day, I feel like I haveth a lispeth. Anyway, Happy Birthday JTR and wishes for many more.

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