Art Of Manliness: “How to ask out a lady…” (VIDEO)

artofmanliness 55

I can’t help it: these videos just make me laugh.

As a blissfully happy, married dude of 19 years, this clip obviously doesn’t apply to me anymore. But every guy remembers the dry mouth and sweaty hands he got prior to asking out a girl back in high school or college, …or later. 

I’m just hoping Jordan Crowder has signed some sort of long-term deal which mandates he keep making these “How To…” clips. Good, clean, quality humor has largely gone missing from our culture for far too long, which makes this a very welcome change.

6 responses to “Art Of Manliness: “How to ask out a lady…” (VIDEO)

  1. Truelove….THAT’S what I remember most from your wedding to Mrs. JTR: “Hey Truelove…..go to the liquor store and get us a bottle of tequila!”

    Like you, I greatly enjoy these clips.

    • HA! Of course, that was back in your younger, “heathen” days.
      Not that that particular individual didn’t deserve some hazing, but still…

      • By the grace of God (and much needed on my part), I am grateful to be a changed man! Of course, GREAT FRIENDS like the JTR family were a big help, too!

        Still though, I can look back on those days, and in many ways…LAUGH MY BUTT OFF about some of the silliness!

  2. Me and the misses will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this Sunday…if she doesn’t decide to throw me out, lol.

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JTR & MRS. JTR!!!! Have a wonderful day of celebrating!!!!
    And thanks for this. It made me smile. No wait, it made me laugh!

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