Even A Long Time Ago; and even in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

…people needed to laugh.

And today, so do I.

Droids looking for

Lookin for love

The Wookie

Scene from the upcoming sequel to Disney’s 2002 baseball film, “The Rookie“.    And yes, you can probably guess the title….


Jawas 5

BEst side of teh moon

Chewy quote

cutbacks 6675

One sith two sith


Yoda Hulk 3

Star Wars 444


26 responses to “Even A Long Time Ago; and even in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

  1. livinrightinpgh

    AWESOME! (And a MUCH needed smile today!)

    One thought: The caption to “Cutbacks” should read:

    “Obamanomics comes to the Dark Side”

  2. Best birthday present you could give me! I laughed out loud! Thanks, bro!

  3. Great post JTR, right up my alley! 😀

  4. “I’m getting forced-choked for sure”
    That’s priceless!

  5. Never having watched Star Wars, they even made me smile.

    • You’re depriving yourself, Mr. G…

    • I’m not suggesting you go out and buy them, BUT: the original trilogy is certainly worthy of a viewing, Mr. G.
      Maybe even TWO viewings.

      The second series, ….eh, ….only marginally so.
      Had some good stuff, .. and some really, really bad stuff, too.

      If nothing else, it gets you up to speed on an entire subculture, AND knocks out a weekend’s viewing at the same time.
      It’s a win-win…

  6. HAHA! Excellent! I had not seen most of those. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the laugh. We do need many of these.

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