An #Obamacare triple-feature: Cavuto, Whittle, and Krauthammer

In light of the news from last week (“The President Changes the Rules, again, to protect Congress and its staff from Obamacare), and keeping in mind the newest effort to defund this horrific law, each of these clips are a must-see. 


Cavuto and his guests explain why this newest incident should trouble ALL Americans, while Whittle contrasts comments from Howard Dean and Sarah Palin’s famous “Death Panel” line.

Lastly, Charles Krauthammer sums it up as only he can (just watch up to the 3:20 mark).

Res ipsa loquitur.

8 responses to “An #Obamacare triple-feature: Cavuto, Whittle, and Krauthammer

  1. Are we really surprised that the Washington elitists would be sticking it to the rest of America again. Krauthammer sums it up best of course, something rolls downhill and we are on the bottom waiting for it.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    After being on a “bidnit” trip for the last 8 days, I didn’t have time to view the clips, but most certainly will….

    My question is this: HOW in the world is there no revolt over the illegality of Obama’s move? (Ok, I DO know the answer, but the answer is unacceptable).

    I’m worn out with the “If a Republican had done this” angle, the same as I’m worn out with the “Blame it on Bush, et al” approach. Let’s deal with HERE and NOW, and the absolute LAWLESSNESS of this Presidency….

    • Part apathy, part fear, part agreement, part ignorance.

      And with the black-out on some news, and various folks being made “an example of” (if you’ll pardon that grammatically incorrect phrasing), …
      ….don’t expect it to change drastically, either.

    • Oh, I’m so worn out with all their angles. But that’s all they have is twisted excuses and how we got here. I keep wondering why people accept these excuses for reasoning?

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  4. Excellent point by Krauthammer.–egalitarian indeed. Staffers are subsidized just because they’re with the “privileged” ruling class, elites. Oh, that fits into the 14th amendment like a brick through a window.

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