School bus attack: I wonder if THESE 3 boys would look like Obama’s sons, too?

school bus 453

This is NOT to say that there was anything racial about this 3-on-1, black-on-white attack. The investigation thus far shows that it was at least partially drug-related. 

But we must consider that there wasn’t anything racial about the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident, either, …until NBC News deliberately edited their tape to make it appear racially motivated.

And, of course, until President “If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon” decided to pipe up.

Which is why I’m supremely confident our Racial-Healer-in-Chief will be commenting on this vile attack any minute now. After all, why should HE care if it was actually race-related or not, or even if he’s completely ignorant of the facts surrounding the case?

Those things have never stopped him from running his yap before.

10 responses to “School bus attack: I wonder if THESE 3 boys would look like Obama’s sons, too?

  1. Breaking! Our president on the horror of this attack!

    • HAAA!!!


      Wow, tannngl, is that the truth.
      And let me say, I’m stunned that he’d miss this opportunity at continuing the National Conversation
      Monologue On Race.

  2. I think in this case the bus driver should be armed & and REQUIRED to empty his clip into the three perps – no matter how many rounds it holds!!! The driver clearly failed – let the bus company fire me—no fight would ever proceed that far with me around..I would at least hold 2 back & make it fair…once the kicking started – all bets off…. that definately could take a life with one placed in the right spot. If these A-butts knew they would die…maybe they would think twice….NEVER ON MY BUS!!!

  3. Black kids don’t act like this. Pathetic! And that bus driver should lose his job!!!!

  4. Never let decency and common sense hold you back from following protocol and nothing more. Forget about race. The non-action of the bus driver shows how badly our civilization is being strangled by a culture wary of frivolous laws and lawsuits.

    • Apart from my obvious sarcasm, Duck, you’re absolutely correct.

      Couldn’t actually care if boys were black/tan/striped/or blue: kicking a defenseless kid, 3-on-1, is unforgivable.

      And an adult Not stepping-in to break it up is, too.

  5. Sorry, JTR….with all of my recent business travels, I COMPLETELY missed this post. Ironically, Hatfield and I were emailing back and forth about DOING a post on this very subject AND video!

    There will NEVER be a serious discussion on either black-on-white OR black-on-black crime…..EVER. The reason is simple: it DOESN’T fit the narrative of the Left.

    BTW: It’s been 12 days since your post. The President must REALLY be choosing his words carefully before he comments on this…..

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