Ted Cruz: “We MUST defund #Obamacare…”

Cruz - 77A new video (below) from the wizards over at Heritage.com, featuring Senator Ted Cruz.

It’s been over three years since Obamacare was passed, and the country STILL doesn’t like the law. But what are our options?

Easy: make ourselves heard.

“Defund The Law”.

Congress returns home for the summer recess, and will be conducting town-hall meetings across the country. Do what is necessary to get to one, and respectfully tell your representative how you feel, …and how you’ll vote if they fail to defend your district from Obamacare.

And as you watch Heritage’s video below, keep this quote from Cruz in mind:

The only way we win this fight is if the grassroots rise up and demand of our elected representatives that they stand up and do the right thing.”

5 responses to “Ted Cruz: “We MUST defund #Obamacare…”

  1. Defund and Repeal, is the only good option or replace with a more common sense approach.(good luck with that out of Washington) I think people are starting to get the message of how destructive this law will be on the jobs side of things.

  2. The way Ted Cruz (as well as others) are being attacked it disgusting. He was actually called a TERRORIST last night! UGH. The left are always trying to redefine language… they are shameless.

    I think what people are not understanding is, we are at war. Oh no, not the silly #war (with freakin’ everything that the left wants to tag and use as excuses) but, within our own government. The republicans are dividing…

    From an email I got this morning:

    This is really low –

    Last night, liberal Hardball host Chris Matthews called my husband, Ted Cruz, a terrorist. Yes, you read that right:

    “I will say he’s a terrorist,” said Matthews.

    Taking a principled stand to defund Obamacare should not result in baseless attacks from the liberal media. It’s been a year since our historic runoff election victory and I hope you’ll get Ted’s back by donating now.

    Matthews’ comment shows just how far the Left will go to smear the conservative cause. But it’s also a reminder — that while we celebrate the anniversary of our runoff win this week — our fight for the hearts and minds of all Americans continues.

    Please, your immediate support is needed. We have until Sunday at midnight to raise $100,000 for our efforts and Ted needs your help to reach our goal.

    Please donate $250, $100, or $50 as soon as you can.

    Thank you.


    Heidi Cruz

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