DETROIT: the Movie

Courtesy of Steve Breen:

detroit - thelma and louise

7 responses to “DETROIT: the Movie

  1. And Ontario is right behind them.

    • That is truly sad to hear, DQ;
      I’ve always liked Ontario.

      But Detroit is too visible for the Left to hide it, which is why some on the Left are trying to spin this as a failure of CONSERVATISM (???), even though it was under Dem control for 50 years!

      Keep fighting, my friend…..

      • Well, after 12 years of Liberal tyranny in Ontario, we now pay for endless abortions for women who use it as a means of birth control. We’ll pay for gender ‘reassignment surgery’ and then pay to have it reversed again, if they’re not happy. We pay for 24/7 daycare and all day kindergarten for 3 year olds. As soon as you step off a plane from a foreign country to move here, you get immediate 100% medical and old age pension coverage. We’ve doubled the number of government workers and cabinet ministers. We’ve got endless money for wind turbines. Our debt has more than quadrupled from 50 Billion to 250 billion.

        We’ve gone from a ‘have’ to a ‘have not’ province, which means that we now GET more Federal Aid than what we contribute. Our infrastructure is collapsing around our ears. We can’t afford basic home care for seniors or surgery to save the sight of a three year old.

        Tax increases are now called ‘user fees’, ‘revenue tools’, ‘delivery charges’, etc. I predict by 2025, Ontario will be one massive Detroit. And still the Liberals keep getting re-elected. It’s beyond comprehension.

  2. Too bad all of us are in for the same ride.

  3. This is a wonderful analogy of what’s happening here in Michigan. It isn’t just Detroit. Nearby school systems are contemplating the same approach as they have overspent. You should hear the liberals weep and wail. As long as government will not live within its means, at some point, it will come to an ending of spending imposed by the people or by law. Detroit should not penalize persons with pensions but should reduce its overhead and eliminate its croneyism. Honest government would help.

    • Thanks, Brian. You’re working up there in the thick of it. Sad, isn’t it, that “honest government” sounds like an oxymoron now?

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