This just in: Common Sense is NOT “#Racism”…

Amazingly, they’re still at it.

As you’re no doubt aware, the current cause célèbre of the Race Industry (aka: “Big Racism”) is the alleged “racial profiling” of Trayvon Martin, even though the trial proved that no such racial profiling existed in that case. Regardless, this has been discussed endlessly by both CNN and the MSNBC gang, the aforementioned Race Hustlers, and of course the President himself.

Darth - race is disturbing 9

But profiling (racial and otherwise) happens every day, to everyone. We ALL do it to one extent or another. Please consider a couple of examples to which I believe we can all relate….

Scenario #1: a group of neatly dressed, black young men (approximately seventeen years of age) comes out of the local church as you walk towards your car. Several of them look you directly in the eye, smile warmly, and at least one says, “Good evening” to you.

Do you:

  1. Run away, screaming (“Aaaagh! Black youths!!!”)
  2. Snarl at them (“…damn black kids…”)
  3. Or, return their greeting with a “Hello” or “Good evening”, which possibly even leads to a friendly conversation. 

I’d suggest that you’d likely choose option #3, in part or in full. The reason is simple: hoodlums usually don’t dress neatly, spend any appreciable time in a church (unless they’re vandalizing it), and they don’t greet strangers on the street respectfully.


Now, scenario #2: You are once again walking towards your car, when a group of white young men (of the same approximate age as in scenario #1) comes out of a nearby alley. They’re wearing do-rags and leather jackets. They are moving erratically. A couple of them are rather heavily tattooed; another is drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag. And they all are staring at you like a kid stares at candy in the local Five-and-Dime: hungrily.

Do you:

  1. Breath a sigh of relief (Hooray! They’re white, so I have nothing to fear of their possible intentions!!!)
  2. Offer them a ride in your car.
  3. Or do you tense in preparation for a possible conflict, perhaps even crossing the street to avoid them. 

Again, I’m guessing #3 is the most normal response.

Patter Recogn 88This is basic pattern recognition, and it doesn’t matter if you are White, Black, Hispanic, or from one of the “Border Planets” in Firefly. When you see anyone (and especially boys in their late teens/early twenties) acting in a suspicious manner, you behave accordingly.

So when the President says things like “There are very few African-American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars…”, I’d submit that in ANY such case there are almost certainly other factors involved besides JUST their skin pigmentation, including their dress, behavior, location (!!), the way they carry themselves, time of day/night, eye contact (or lack thereof), facial expression, and a host of other clues that each of us processes instantly to help give us that all-important “friend-or-foe” warning.

Can someone’s race play a part in that warning? Sure, …in the right situation. Courtesy of the always brilliant Walter E. Williams:

In a number of cities, there have been complaints of racism because some taxicab drivers turn down black fares. By simply knowing that a driver refused a black passenger, we cannot make an unambiguous statement about whether the decision was motivated by racial preferences.

walter e williams 4As early as 1999, D.C.’s taxicab commissioner Sandra Seegars, who is black, issued a safety advice statement urging the city’s mostly black cabbies to refuse to pick up “dangerous-looking” passengers. She described “dangerous-looking” as a “young black guy … with his … shirttail hanging down longer than his coat, baggy pants down below his underwear and unlaced tennis shoes.”

Would anyone argue that black cabbies who turn down black fares are racists? A law-abiding black person denied a taxi is rightfully angered, but to whom should his anger be directed: at the driver who’s trying to protect his life, or at the people who’ve instilled fear by robbing and assaulting cabbies?

As always, it’s a matter of context. But “Big Racism” constantly seeks to ignore ANY such context, and insists that you do the same. This is anti-intellectual at best, and potentially suicidal at worst.

Crime Scene 574

We need to continue to identify the Race Peddlers (and their mind-numbed devotees) as exactly what they are: opportunists and charlatans, who seek to frame every confrontation, disagreement and policy debate as a matter of racial injustice …all for their own aggrandizement and power.

And while they have the Constitutional freedom to say whatever their hate-filled hearts desire, we thankfully have the freedom not to listen.

17 responses to “This just in: Common Sense is NOT “#Racism”…

  1. I have another observation- just how many young black males today don’t walk around with their pants in jailhouse sag, holding the pants so they don’t fall all the way to their ankles? I actually saw an older gentleman doing the same the other day- I guess it must be some sort of societal commentary, or a total lack of tailors and belts in any given community.

    • Greetings, Major, and welcome!!

      I agree with your observation, although it’s not limited to blacks. I see a depressingly similar style of dress (or more accurately, UNdress) among both whites and Latinos. You’re probably right that there seems to be a rather serious belt shortage in many communities.


      Of course, that’s probably a Racist statement.
      Oh, well…..

      Hope you visit again soon, sir!

      • The strange dressing habits and hair styles are definitely not owned by blacks. The last time I saw my grandson, I couldn’t shake his hand because he had a drink in one hand and was holding up his pants with the other. I just wanted to guffaw (still a good word?) but I restrained myself. When I was growing up, if a kid wanted to get an easy laugh, he would turn his hat around backward — or funnier yet, turn it to the side (something else my grandson does) — or wear the baseball cap with a straight bill instead of slightly curled — or wear sagging/baggy pants, possibly a spike hair style — and he got his laugh. Nowadays, you might get knifed for laughing at some of these characters’ outfits. How times do change.

        • Hey, “guffaw” is a GREAT word!! Of course, I’m an old fuddy-duddy, so take that into consideration.

          And yes, most of the kids who dress the way you described look ridulous. My prayer is that it’s just a fad… but if it is, it’s a lengthy one.
          Heck, Zoot Suits look almost sedate in comparison: at least it included a jacket, tie and a belt!

    • Hi Vince 🙂 I live outside of St. Louis, and our area is extremely diverse. Neighbors of all colors, live side by side out here in ‘the boonies’ not only with no issues, but as friends. Anyway, there is not much of a problem with the jailhouse sag out here… however, we travel into the city a lot and there, it is a completely different story. Just an hours drive, and it is like we enter into another nation! But the other day, when we were at the city train (metrolink) off the train, came a young (probably late teens or very early twenties) black male… his pants were sitting at his waist! I sure hope more and more of the city youth take notice.

  2. So when the President says things like “There are very few African-American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars…

    Here’s MY addition to this situation. My family is white. Some years back, we were walking to a restaurant in D.C. near our hotel. My wife and I are clean cut, but her brother and his wife were, shall we say, stuck in the 60’s — long hair, long beard, “rode hard and put up wet”, decked out in Harley paraphernalia. As we approached the exit from a strip-mall parking lot, a car pulled up to the exit to leave the lot, stopped for the driver to look both ways, and when he saw us coming (presumably our 60’s drop-outs) we distinctly heard the popping of door locks. The punch line? The car had four black people in it. We held it together long enough for the car to turn out of the lot, but then we almost collapsed from laughter at the irony of the situation — black people locking their doors at the approach of whites. The suspicion that attaches to dress and appearance clearly cuts both ways.

    • The newer vehicles have automatic locks… heck, mine is an ’05 and it has them. As soon as it is put into D, the doors lock. Racist auto? :p

      • Nice try, but 1) this wasn’t a newer vehicle (it was probably about 20 years ago that it happened), and 2) the car was already in gear, just stopped while the driver checked for traffic at the exit. It was pretty obvious. Guess you had to be there . . . .

        • Oh, no: I can picture it easily.

          What’s more, I’d have loved to hear the conversation INSIDE the car:
          “Wow, this used to be such a nice neighborhood…”


        • Oh no, I’m sorry, my comment was not meant to disagree with yours, I was just making a statement on the vehicles of today and how they could be considered ‘racist’ by the standards the race hustlers use. I was not ‘trying’ anything…

  3. This is one of your best… simply intelligent (as well as a bit comical), bravo JTR!

  4. I don’t even know where to start in the dismantling of Don Lemon’s comments. According to him, ONLY white people see things through a “filter”. Really, Don? Are you THAT daft?

    JTR: you KNOW I lived your scenarios when I had my business in PGH’s inner city. There were just as many respectable blacks and whites as there were blacks and whites that would make your Spidey-sense go off. The assumption was NEVER based on color, rather on mannerisms and other indicators of potential problems. Misbehaving people of ALL colors got an up close and personal view of the business end of my Smith and Wesson.

    It is very troubling to see Race-baiting opportunists and charlatans (as you so aptly referred to them) have such a negative effect on young men and women of color. Even if those young men and women HAVEN’T been “profiled”, etc, people like Lemon, Jackson, and Sharpton are there to convince them that they HAVE been, and are “victims” of white “entitlement” or “privilege”. It’s reprehensible.

    • Oh, I’m WELL aware, partner.

      This whole conversation has my blood boiling. We have so much that we SHOULD be focusing on, and yet we’re wasting precious time dealing with the imagined slights of some MLK wannabe’s.

      I’d like to bring Dr. King back from the grave, just so he could walk up to Sharpton …and slap him upside the head.

  5. As Teach said, you are brave, JTR. It’s a good thing.
    I saw Larry Elder on FOX and Friends this week. His take on the president’s speech went like this, speaking about black males: “…3% of the population commit almost 50% of homicides.” Jesse Jackson said he’s happy when he sees white people following rather than black.( I paraphrased the last sentence as I remember it. )
    Here is the vid on it:
    Go to;jsessionid=72B84D70B93A0D973B3ECA1F1CC1EC1D
    Then to ‘videos’
    Then to Larry’s appearances tab
    Then click on Obama comments on Zimmerman trial: Did he miss the point?
    It was a very good rant by Elder.

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