If Obama TRULY wants to improve our #Economy, here’s what to do: “Get Out Of Its Way…”

Well I certainly feel more confident now, knowing that the President is finally clearing his busy golf-&-vacation schedule in order to once again “focus like a laser” on the economy.

Obama bite his lip

“See? When I bite my lip and squint reeeeaaal hard, it makes it LOOK like I’m focusing….”

From TheHill.com:

President Obama will deliver the first in a series of economic speeches Wednesday aimed at gaining the upper hand in this fall’s looming budget showdown with Congress.


Senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeffier told reporters in an email Sunday that Obama wants to steer Congress away from “phony scandals” and to prioritize economic benefits for the middle class in the looming budget wars.


***UPDATE 7-24-2013: Here’s a review of Obama’s speech, via Erika Johnsen…



Ed Morrissey over at HotAir apparently shares my enthusiasm, as well as my sense of déjà vu:

I’ve lost count of the pivots back to jobs and economic growth Barack Obama has promised over the years. (The NRCC counts eleven times, but that seems low.)  His first promised pivot came in December 2009, when he promised to put off ObamaCare and conduct a “hard pivot” to jobs, which had continued their decline 10 months after the passage of his $800 billion stimulus.  That ended up being a 360-degree pivot as the White House put on the full-court press for ObamaCare anyway.

A year later, after the disastrous midterm elections, Obama pledged that economic growth would be hissingular focus.” Eight months later, Obama again insisted that it was hissingular focus,” despite not putting forward any pro-growth agenda and a Democratic Senate actively blocking the Republican House’s legislation.

The result: American GDP growth in 2011 came to 1.8%, less than 2010′s wan 2.4%, and in 2012 came to a similarly stagnant 2.2%.

obama clap

“Okay folks, let’s have a big round of applause for…..ME!”


No, the President would rather pretend to focus on the economy, while actually trying to foment resentment towards a wide swath of folks, but especially those in the Oil, Gas and Coal industries. For example, how encouraging is it for people in those sectors to continually hear populist rhetoric regarding “tax breaks for Oil and Gas“, which he and his minions repeat ad nauseam:

When I read this Tweet, I literally laughed out loud: it’s just so completely and factually wrong! The Oil and Gas companies already PAY more than their “fair share” in taxes, and they do so while making a far-less-than-excessive profit margin.

John Stossel nails it:

Another myth: Big Oil makes “excess” profit.


The oil business is fiercely competitive. If one company charges a penny too much, other companies steal its business. Apple’s profit margin is about 24 percent. McDonald’s makes 20 percent. Oil companies make half that.

Per gallon, ExxonMobil makes about 7 cents. Governments, by contrast, grab about 27 cents per gallon. That’s the average gas tax.

If anyone takes too much, it’s government.

Not enough? Okay, then: over at EnergyForAmerica.org, they have a post that thoroughly details the alleged “tax breaks”/subsidies for oil and gas. However, it can be summarized by this handy-dandy graphic (*click* on the image to enlarge):



Obama’s demonizing of Big Oil and Big Gas, along with his continued delay of the Keystone XL Pipeline and his personal jihad against the coal industry, puts the lie to his “all of the above” pandering, even as it effectively depresses potential investing in those sectors. And that, coupled with another hundred examples, is practically guaranteeing our economy will continue to limp along for the foreseeable future.

Come to think of it, given his “solutions” to our economic woes, we’d be far better off if Obama focused on his golf game, instead of the economy.

How sad is that?

Obama golf 6

14 responses to “If Obama TRULY wants to improve our #Economy, here’s what to do: “Get Out Of Its Way…”

  1. “the President is finally clearing his busy golf-&-vacation schedule in order to once again “focus like a laser” on the economy” … that is of course, after he returns from his latest vacation.

    ‘The Obama family is returning to Martha’s Vineyard for their latest vacation while the rest of the country suffers.’

    I’m with you JTR, I’d rather him ‘work real hard’ on his golf game.

    • WOOPS! I am sorry, it is before his next vacation. Silly me!

      • Not your fault, Teach.

        When you take vacations seemingly every other week, they DO tend to get a bit cluttered in yer’ noggin…..

        • yeah, must be nice to no not whether your coming or going :/

          It disgusts me that our politicians are not only considered by the people as our ‘royalty’ but they live that way too… “do as I say, not as I do” from both coasts. CLOWNS to the left of me, JOKERS to the right!

          • ugh. I meant *know* not ‘no’ :/ my brain is mush. Insomnia has my mind in a fog… the rest of me can’t be found. MS sucks.

            • OMGOODNESS! and it’s YOU’RE not your. I am so sorry JTR that I did not proofread (I know how you are with grammar!) please do not publicly flog me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

            • Hi Teach,
              This is the first time I’ve “spoken” to you here, but I just read your reply about MS sucking…
              I’m so incredibly sorry that you have to deal with that.

              I’ve been using a supplement that has helped me SO much with many of my health issues (which I’ve had all my life). I mention this because I know it’s helped others with their MS.

              If it’s not TOO personal, I’m just curious as to what you’re taking to control your symptoms?

  2. So…..the Prez wants to “steer Congress away from phony scandals…”, eh? I guess Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS, and the DOJ issues are “phony”? Interesting. Perhaps Barry should take his own advice, quit trying to stoke the flames of racial unrest, and SHUT UP about Trayvon, too. This past week’s comment by him was even dumber than his previous remarks. Now, he attacks “Big Oil” as if THEY are the problem? Pathetic.

    But, this is, tragically, his modus operandi.

    BTW: Shouldn’t this be our FIFTH “summer of recovery”? We should have a party. Better yet, since we so worried about the “spending” with Big Oil, how about the Obama’s take the lead and we have Michelle and her 60+ entourage STAY HOME for a while, and QUIT TRAVELING ON MY DIME!

    I can’t WAIT to see Mr. O comment on Detroit, as we’ve seen the damage that 50 years of uncontrolled LIBERALISM has brought about in that city. Or, can we expect him to say (ala Trayvon): “If I had a city, it would look like Detroit”…..

  3. Dang. God help us if we ever have a “real” scandal.

    • Yeah, it’s more than a little depressing to think that neither Benghazi, the IRS targeting, NSA snooping, nor the sexual deviancy over at the State Department rises to the level of “real” scandal.

      I guess anything less than World War Z, or a vote for Conservative legislation (which, of course, would be racism), simply falls under the header of “phony”…

  4. Congress should steer away from the pres! He’s the biggest phonie ever to put it lightly!

  5. We wouldn’t want him to feel neglected now would we? He has to be the center of attention, no more no less.

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