Great News! #Obamacare to now include FRAUD and ID THEFT among its many “benefits”….

At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, I’ll repeat something I’ve said many times over the last year:

We can’t allow ourselves to become distracted! 

I know, I know: the kids are out of school, it’s summer vacation, yada, yada, yada… Plus, the news cycle has been consumed with a variety of items lately (George Zimmerman, Immigration, Obama’s Africa Extravaganza, Edward Snowden, etc.,…).

But while each of those stories are important to one degree or another, they’re all that’s been breathlessly hyperbolized by our National News Spinners. Meanwhile, one of the most debilitating laws in the history of our nation has continued to roll along: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare“.


The Media is not talking about this any more than it has to, so it’s remained largely off the news radar. One of the main reasons has been its enduring unpopularity: fully 50% of the nation has an unfavorable opinion of Obamacare, and THAT’s after a year of constant Obama speeches on it prior to its passing, and another 3 years of trying to make us like it.

Here’s a hint, Lefties: It ain’t working.

repeal-obamacare 67

But with the Administration gearing up to once again try to get us to “eat our peas”, this time by enlisting help from librarians, professional athletes and school children, let’s take a peek at a brand new concern that Obamacare is bringing our way: the virtual certainty of excessive (and expensive) FRAUD.

Courtesy of the Weekly Standard:

“…As California prepares to launch its health care exchange, consumer groups are worried the uninsured could fall victim to fraud, identity theft or other crimes at the hands of some of the very people who are supposed to help them enroll.

The exchange, known as Covered California, recently adopted rules for a network of more than 21,000 enrollment counselors who will provide consumers with in-person assistance as part of the federal Affordable Care Act. In some cases, they will have access to personal and financial information, from ID cards to medical histories.


But the state insurance commissioner and anti-fraud groups say the exchange is falling short in ensuring that the people hired as counselors are adequately screened and monitored.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones also said the exchange does not have a plan for investigating any complaints that might arise once the counselors start work. That means consumers who might fall prey to bogus health care products, identity theft and other abuses will have a hard time seeking justice if unscrupulous counselors get hold of their Social Security number, bank accounts, health records or other private information, he said….”

Hey, this sounds GREAT: not only are we being made to suffer with a law that will be far in excess of its originally promised cost yet still leave tens of millions without coverage, we now get to deal with an avalanche of fraud that is being enabled by the law itself!!

Recalling how excited they were at passing Obamacare, I’m sure that Pelosi and the gang are positively horrified by this news…

House Democratic leaders celebrate healthcare bill passage after vote on Capitol Hill in Washington

OK, maybe not.


But news like this is still filtering through, as cracks in the ill-conceived law are appearing everywhere:

Wonka - Obamacare part time

I’ll say it again: we simply can’t allow ourselves to become distracted. Not that we required one, but Fraud and ID Theft are just two more reasons to move Heaven And Earth to see this repealed.

Obamacare is arguably the most important issue we’re facing this year, due to its far-reaching tentacles into almost every aspect of our lives. We ignore it at our peril.

13 responses to “Great News! #Obamacare to now include FRAUD and ID THEFT among its many “benefits”….

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I harken back to Reagan’s radio address where he denounces programs JUST LIKE Obamacare. Yeah, the appeal of the program is attractive to the low-information types, but Reagan pointed out EXACTLY what the pitfalls of Socialized Medical Care are. It was true then. It’s still true today. And, it will STILL be true tomorrow.

    This is nothing more than a tyrannical grab for power dressed up like health care. This bill must be dismantled, de-funded, or better yet… REPEALED!

    You now have a sitting President REFUSING to implement segments of the law that HE pushed for???? BTW: under WHAT authority can he do that?
    I’ll save you the time: HE CAN’T (legally). Boehner and the House need to defund this thing before its roots get to spread or form ANY further.

    • Honestly, I could have simply published your comment in place of my post.

      Nicely said, Pgh.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Like you, brother, I truly wish it didn’t HAVE to be said at all, but I just can’t get past how SO FEW seem to CARE that this man is a walking violation of the oath he took as President. He doesn’t enforce the LAWS he’s sworn to uphold, but just doesn’t happen to like. He goes outside of the rules of “recess appointments” and makes them when Congress ISN’T in recess. He has a team of DOZENS of czars who, unelected, make rules, etc. He is UN-Constitutional in any number of areas. Seriously….if a white, Conservative President tried this stuff, we’d have been talking about his/her impeachment 3 years ago.

  2. And all this time we thought the Hydra was only a mythical creature…

    • Actually, my first exposure to “HYDRA” was the pseudo-Nazi group from Marvel Comics. That came waaaay before I knew it was from Greek mythology.

      In this instance, however, it’s roughly the same connotation.

  3. Thanks for the link. We definitely need to get this monstrosity repealed.

    • Agreed, bro.

      Here’s an idea: let’s use the Left’s lack of actual information against ’em.
      Maybe if we changed its name?

      I’ll bet you if Obamacare was instead called “Zimmerman/Tea Party/Israel/Christians”-Care, the Left would want to ABORT it…

  4. For the first time, there is legislation that will determine the quality and quantity of our lives. This should be the foremost issue on everyone’s mind. Death panels are not insignificant. And that is what we are going to have.

    • Palin nailed the appropriate term several years ago, B-Ville. It always got my dander up when someone would say “…but there AREN’T any Death Panels in Obamacare…”, as if Sarah was erroneously referring to a proper noun.

      So then you’d try to explain that “Death Panerls” was just shorthand for how IPAB worked, and the incentives the system would inherently possess which practically GUARANTEED they’d become de facto Death Panels. And after all that, they’d disingenuously shake their heads and repeat, “but, but, but, …those aren’t Death Panels!!’

      If Bret (from were here, he’d likely say it’s enough to make him start banging his head against the wall… and it’s times like this that I fully understand that desire.

  5. Eugene Cioucchaudio

    You can’t repeal Obamacare because on in seven blacks, one in ten Hispanics and one in Twelve Italians (thank Fumento) have HIV/AIDS and can’t afford treatment.

    • Thanks for your comment, Eugene, and welcome.

      However, I’d argue that the remaking of the entire Health Care industry is hardly the only way to get expensive treatment to folks who are in need of it.
      Heck, it would cost a fraction of the current estimated bill to cover ALL of the country’s uninsured (save folks here illegally), with the added benefit that everyone else would get to keep their current coverage.

      We’ve written about Obamacare and health care here many times, and you’re certainly welcome to review and/all of those posts.
      Just type “Obamacare” into the search box to find ’em.

      Thanks again for visiting!

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