(VIDEO) – Crazy, Vile Eco-freaks attack Mine site in #Wisconsin…

Pretend for a minute that a video existed which showed out-of-control, right-wing, Conservative Republicans with their faces hidden by masks and bandannas. Pretend they were all screaming, cursing and basically behaving like your average Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Not just audio, mind you: VIDEO.

Write what you're toldIs it any stretch of the imagination to assume that such a video would be shown on every News Channel, every 20 minutes, …PLUS Comedy Central, …PLUS all the daytime shows?

Such a video DOES exist, …but since it concerns folks on the Left behaving like animals, the media has immediately begun channeling Marcel Marceau, and thus we don’t hear so much as a peep from them.

The following story springs from Wisconsin, a state which has already seen more than its share of crazy Lefty activity in the last couple of years, as you might “recall”.

Thanks to legislation signed by Governor Scott Walker this year, there’s an open-pit iron mine being developed up in northern Wisconsin. Since this will provide resources, jobs and be a general boon to the economy, NATURALLY the Left has a visceral hatred for it and wants to shut it down immediately.

Come to think of it, doesn’t this sound kinda’ familiar?

Anyway, here’s the deal: there’s already been an attack at the site by some fringe Lefty, ‘EarthFirst’-type group. 12 to 15 masked individuals recently raided the site: property was destroyed to the tune of $2,000, the road was blockaded, and workers were intimidated. The website which initially bragged about this incident indicated the actions would continue. So in response, the mining company (Gogebic Taconite) hired a private security team out of Arizona.

Okay, everyone with me so far? Good, …’cause now it all goes pretty much insane.

the rest of the story

First, all of the eco-extremist, militant Lefties in Wisconsin utterly freaked out that Gogebic Taconite was fulfilling its obligation to protect its workers and property. Horrified that men with guns were safeguarding someone’s private property (????), two Wisconsin Democrats even authored a letter DEMANDING that the company remove the armed guards. 

But that’s not the story.

Then, due to the security company not having a license to operate in Wisconsin, the guards were pulled until the permit is acquired, which should be in the next few days.

But that’s still not the story.

The video below is the story.

****Fair warning: this video contains language that is 100% NSFW, …or anywhere else for that matter.

We never, ever post anything along these lines, but are making an exception here in the interest of context: unless you watch & hear the clip, I don’t believe you can fully appreciate how Fruit Loops crazy these people are:

Now ask yourself: do these folks look or sound like they’d show ANY self-restraint in their actions going forward? Faces covered (they’re SOOO brave), literally fighting for and ripping a woman’s camera out of her hands… and of course the constant, over-the-top shrieking…, I would put nothing past them right now.

These people are almost remarkably nuts.

screwball 11

A few observations:

FIRST: I’m not sure how anyone could view that video and begrudge the company for hiring security forces. Faced with these miscreants, I’d be looking to hire the dudes from the first ‘Predator‘ movie.

SECOND: the workers demonstrated remarkable self-restraint. I can’t imagine having to listen to these spoiled, hateful punks without pounding a few of them into the ground like tent spikes. Whatever those folks are being paid, they’re earning it.

THIRD: where are the cops in all this?

eco terrorists Wisconsin

FOURTH: I was somewhat amused by the one eco-terrorist’s repeated claims that the property was actually Native American land. However, the proposed mine is on land owned by LaPointe Iron Company, which optioned potential development of the deposit to Gogebic Taconite, LLC.

The girl undoubtedly was referring to the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, who have fought against the mine. Plus, the entire argument might have a tad more merit if the Wastewater Treatment Center operated by the Bad River Band wasn’t currently racking up more violations of the Clean Water Act than any other facility in Wisconsin.

FIFTH: Just in case you missed it, one protester ended her screaming at the workers with a blatant threat: “Get on the other side, or die.” I know we’re supposed to be all about nuance and understanding nowadays, but that doesn’t sound like a benign statement to me. Or possibly I’m just really, really bad at “nuance”. 

SIXTH: this is just another glittering example of the media’s double-standard with Liberal vs. Conservative protests. For instance:

And so it goes.


Like always, it’s up to us to highlight these degenerates. I’ll eat my favorite Bruins cap if any of the Big Three networks cover this tonight (which would be a shame; I really like that cap).

But since this doesn’t show Conservatives in a bad light, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

don't hold your breath 1

21 responses to “(VIDEO) – Crazy, Vile Eco-freaks attack Mine site in #Wisconsin…

  1. Maybe they should try getting a job and earning a living. Doing what most of us have to do.

    • Yeah, like THAT’d ever happen!

      My guess is these are the same ilk as the Occupy Wall Street crowd, which was largely made up of Trust Fund babies.

      These kids have been so coddled, they think foregoing Starbucks for Maxwell House is simply beyond the pale…

  2. Holy Moly! It’s a very good thing that I wasn’t there … I have a great deal of difficulty with self-restraint when pushed a bit too hard. Probably would have inflicted physical harm to a few of those people.

  3. godsbooklover

    My blood pressure is up, again. Sure could use some puppies and pudding right about now…

  4. godsbooklover

    I keep thinking about that video, and it occurs to me: what is the difference between this group’s actions/tactics and any other terrorist group? (Other than they didn’t actually blow anything up–yet.) To me, this is tantamount to terrorism.

    • Oh, there’s no question about that. It’s why I compared them to the Muslim Brotherhood at the very start.
      They simply didn’t blow anything up, or shoot anyone… yet.

      But threats and intimidation? Check.
      Promises of future retribution? Check.
      Vile, hateful, despicable language? Oh, yeah: check.

      They’re little Eco-terrorists…. and you can just tell that someone is likely to get hurt.

      May God protect those workers up there, and the security team when they return.

  5. This is the American Taliban.

  6. Those people are nuts! Who could reason with the insane? I am sure I would have chased them off with a crowbar or something heavy and metal.

  7. Heard they are closing 3 plants in Ohio -First Energy due to the stiff regulations of these crazy people.

    • You are correct, Di.

      Between the EPA, wacky eco-lib protesters, and Obama himself (and really, what’s the difference between the three?), we’re gonna see higher energy costs, and (in this case specifically), a great deal of lost jobs and revenue if this craziness continues.

      What’s sad is that this story is being hushed up: it needs to be spread far and wide!

      THESE fruitcakes need to be made the FACE of the flat-earth, hemp-wearing, “let’s all move back to the 4th century” nutballs who consistently block ANY attempt to use our nation’s natural resources.

      Not only are they vile lunatics, but (based on their rather limited vocabulary) they appear to be woefully stupid, as well.

  8. livinrightinpgh

    I would have expected a better vocabulary from such educated folks. It’s ironic that they’re SO committed to their cause that they hide behind masks like the sniveling cowards that they are. A younger “Livinrightinpgh” would have undoubtedly taken a more……shall we say……”DIRECT” approach to those morons. However, the older, more Spirit-filled man would simply heap kindness and love upon them. Actually, I find the latter to be more fulfilling on a number of levels……

    • I can’t lie, Pgh….:
      I’d have required MAJOR self-control to keep from going full “Whack-A-Mole” on them…

      You’re obviously a nicer person than I am.


  9. livinrightinpgh

    Physical conflict only gives them what they want, and you KNOW the MSM will make “poor…innocent…victims” out of each and every one you gave a beat-down to.

    Greeting them with love, tolerance, and patience only heaps coals of fire upon their heads.

    • Oh, I’m not arguing for the moral or intellectual superiority of MY likely response, by ANY means. 😉
      Nor am I saying that the workers should have gone all “Ike Turner” on ’em.

      No, no, no: they obviously did the right thing by NOT responding.

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