#Egypt, the Middle East, and the ‘One-State Solution’…

Morsi - deposedEgypt continues to be embroiled in turmoil.

Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have lost their shot at power in Egypt (nice job with that, fellas!!), much to the chagrin of our President. After all, Obama was one of Morsi’s biggest supporters, with the story of the two men playing out similarly to one of those old ‘boy-meets-girl’ trade paperbacks:

Now, no one’s quite sure as to exactly WHAT form of government will ultimately replace the Morsi regime in the long term, although the general consensus seems to be: probably something even worse.

Mark Steyn recently gave his thoughts as to why mind-blowing chaos seems to the rule over there, both in Egypt and throughout the Middle East:

“…I would bet Egypt’s fate will be largely driven by its fiscal ruin. 

Morsi is a good example of what happens when full-blown Islamic rule is put into effect in a country without the benefit of oil. He’s your go-to guy when it comes to ramping up the clitoridectomy rate, but he’s not so effective when it comes to jump-starting the economy.

1RUSH - Z Mark SteynCIn February, the government advised the people to eat less and cut back the food subsidy to about 400 calories a day — which even Nanny Bloomberg might balk at. Amidst all the good news of the Morsi era — the collapse of Western tourism, the ethnic cleansing of Copts, the attacks on the Israeli embassy, sexual assaults on uncovered women, death for apostasy, etc. — amidst all these Morsi-era success stories, even a Muslim Brother has to eat occasionally.

Egyptians learned the hard way that, whatever their cultural preferences, full-strength Islam comes at a price. “


And now, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to damage the perceived legitimacy of Egypt’s new, interim president Adli Mansour, by “accusing” him of an unforgivable crime… being Jewish.

Oy, vey.

All of this is why I am renewing my call for the implementation of Andrew Klavan’s “One State Solution”. We highlighted it last year, during the then-current problems in Gaza, and I can’t see one reason why it wouldn’t work. 

Okay, …so maybe I see ONE reason.

13 responses to “#Egypt, the Middle East, and the ‘One-State Solution’…

  1. Nice one JTR, I especially like the “boy meets girl” reference. If only the media would get over their ‘Boy crush” , then we all could know the truth about Obama’s involvement in Muslim/Islamic matters.

    • godsbooklover

      If the Media haven’t ditched their rose-colored glasses at this point, I’d say they’re a hopeless case. Pathetic, isn’t it? I’ve known a few guys who carried a torch for a girl looooong after there was any hope of a spark igniting. But watching such a large group of professionals continue to fawn over this man–it boggles my mind.

  2. Got another idea! Why don’t all the normal Muslims in the Middle East move to Israel!!!!!!!!!!! Those who don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood. Thought this might be a clever idea.

    • godsbooklover

      Wouldn’t that be great? I would be glad to know how many peace-loving Muslims are over there, in fear of their own lives…I suspect tiny little Israel couldn’t contain them all–nor protect them all.

  3. godsbooklover

    I loved the Klaven proposal the first time around, and now it seems even more convincing. Thanks for bringing it back.

  4. Yep, they always seem to be able to find or create something worse. Though Morsi set the bar pretty low. It might be a challenge. I’m sure Obama is rooting for the ‘home team’. I guess the rule of thumb is one dictator ought not criticize another dictator.

    • godsbooklover

      All this illustrates to me is how very little the West really understands about the Arab mind or culture, and how well we would do to stay out of their affairs, if we can. But Obama has butted in much more publicly that most, and he should be completely humiliated now. Why isn’t he?

  5. livinrightinpgh

    I can’t help but call to mind the supposedly “world-changing” Cairo speech. The fact that the Muslim world didn’t lay down their weapons, hold hands with the West, and all start singing “Kumbaya” must be puzzling to the Boy President. Now, America is solidly “leading from behind”, and thanks to a completely inept foreign policy in Northern Africa, ALL SIDES of the conflict hate us even more. Way to go, Barry. Maybe it’s time to pull out your “I’m a Muslim” card to see if THAT will have any effect.

    • I’d have to agree with your points, Pgh.
      However, I don’t believe Obama’s narcissistic ego allows him to perceive any of his failures as actual failures, or at least as HIS failures.
      They just roll off his back, like water off a duck.

      He’s already on to something new, like today and “Smarter, Better, Faster” gov’t.
      Yeah, like THAT’s gonna work any better…

      • livinrightinpgh

        It IS a brilliant tactic, though! Keep pumping out SO MUCH BS every….single…….week…… that people forget about last week’s BS.

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