How to pull a prank in Obama’s America….

…because asking “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” is so passé:


(***Image courtesy of Doug over at Stix Blog)

11 responses to “How to pull a prank in Obama’s America….

  1. Thats funny I actually already had mine named FBI. Its not a bad idea to keep people from trying to get some free Wi-fi from you. LOL

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Just what I need….something like THAT to make me even more paranoid about the regime….

    Like Frank Burns told Margaret: “Well….I wouldn’t be paranoid if everyone wasn’t against me!”

    • Well, look on the bright side, Pgh: everyone ISN”T against you, you silly, silly guy!!

      It’s only the Leftists/Statists/socialists/Marxists, who also just happen to be in charge of the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DHS, HHS, EPA, DoJ, at least half the courts, and the State Dept.
      Oh, yeah: and Obama’s entire Administration.

      See??? That’s hardly EVERYONE….

  3. It sure would be a lot easier to remember. Good one!

  4. LOVE it!!! Or in the case of Canada…RCMP Surveillance Van # 7

    • Glad you liked it, DQ!!!

      It’s too funny, …but in a “ha-ha-that’s-kinda-scary-actually” sort of way, know what I mean?

      Let me know how your neighbors react when you rename YOURS tonight…!

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