Mr. Virtual President: “Get the Government out of the Marriage business, completely…”

v-potus-headerA very short, and very wise, opinion on the entire DOMA decision from the one-and-only Bill Whittle, speaking as his alter-ego, Mr. Virtual President.

I’m completely in agreement with Bill here: this isn’t an argument for or against traditional marriage, or any other kind. It’s that Government has once again intruded into an area where it should have no opinion whatsoever. By allowing the Federal Government to redefine marriage to reflect what a certain segment of society WANTS it to be, we’ve taken another step down the path towards an all-powerful State, with that State able to re-define society according to its whims.

There’s only one winner when that happens: the State.


Our Constitution doesn’t mention marriage, anywhere, because our Founders didn’t conceive of a time they would ever wish to, or should be allowed to. Their opinion on this topic (or mine, …or yours) is and should be beside the point: It’s. Not. Mentioned.

Yet, much as when Roe v. Wade was mystically divined from “penumbras” back in 1973, we now have another deeply personal, moral decision having been granted official recognition by the State. Regardless of where you fall on this issue, having the State grant itself that level of power is a very troubling problem indeed.

And I’d suggest that anyone who thinks that it’s not a problem probably needs to re-read their history

I’m including two more articles to read, which echo and flesh out the above.

Justice Antonin Scalia weighed in on this with his dissent, and utterly destroys the majority opinion. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d urge you to now. His is not an opinion for or against DOMA. Rather, that the Court has no right to interfere in the argument whatsoever.

And as DrewM said yesterday: “if you find yourself on the opposing side of Scalia, …rethink your position.

14 responses to “Mr. Virtual President: “Get the Government out of the Marriage business, completely…”

  1. Your first link takes you to your home page. You can delete this.
    Have a good day.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    The Courts have moved completely beyond their Constitutional role, and have become defacto legislators, affecting the rights of individual states negatively, and promoting an ever growing and tyrannical STATE.

    The whole issue in this case was just another “Trojan Horse” that gave a pathway for even more infringement on individual states’ rights and as Justice Scalia points out, is simply UNConstitutional by creating a separate class of protected people.

    • And despite his promises to the contrary, don’t think for a second that churches will not be pressured to conduct ceremonies which go against their religious beliefs.
      Anyone who thinks that Obama and his ilk won’t suddenly “evolve” in their thinking on this, and “discover” a right for those marriages to be mandatory, hasn’t been paying attention to the modus operandi of this bunch.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Without a doubt, brother. It’ll be: “Either perform same-sex marriages or we’ll pull your tax exempt status”….

        NOTHING is beyond these folks.

  3. godsbooklover

    As usual, Bill Whittle nails it. He’s my hero.

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  5. I absolutely agree. That government has no right defining marriage at all. I wrote about it here ( Feel free to check it out if you’d like. Anyway, as noted, I’m with you on this one. The State needs to get out of the marriage business!

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