From #Immigration to #Obamacare, this is all OUR fault…

Let’s admit it: this is all OUR fault.

It was WE who allowed Obama to be elected not once, but twice. It was WE who allowed the Senate to maintain a Liberal majority. And as a result, we’re witnessing our nation’s complete free-fall into Banana Republic territory.


What else can we call it?

From Obama’s newest business-killing “pivot” to Climate Change, to his inexplicable desire to conduct Peace Talks with terrorists, to his repeated attacks on 2nd Amendment rights, to the panoply of scandal which has rocked (yet mysteriously not toppled) his Administration, we’re now privy to a Federal Government which enables the most destructive dreams of the Left to become horrific, Constitution-inverting reality.


This is perfectly encapsulated by the current Immigration battle on Capitol Hill, which in turn is a replay of the whole Obamacare fiasco.

Ted Cruz nailed this: From the very beginning, the entire Immigration Bill ruckus bore all the same earmarks of Obamacare: the reek of phony populism, coupled with the same fear-mongering from the Left. It had the same hyperventilating and demagoguery, and the same “off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush” secrecy concerning the particulars of the bill, …until the moment they sprang it on the American people.


Then, after the most abridged of debates and at the very last minute, they changed the whole dang-blasted monstrosity (over the weekend, yet!), demanding a vote before anyone even had a chance to read it.

This is no longer anything even resembling a Representative Republic: this is now Tyranny.


As I mentioned earlier, Senator Ted Cruz nailed all of this. He seems to be one of a depressingly few Republicans who can’t be bought off or bullied into silence.

That’s it: for all of the flowery praise being heaped upon this legislative pile of excrement, it’s just another in a series of Washington’s bait-and-switch ploys to get what they want, and to heck with the country.

But why would many in Congress who are supposedly against Amnesty (and make no mistake: that’s exactly what this is) agree to this deal?

It can be attributed to either greed or naïveté: the new 1,200-page Corker-Hoeven Amendment, which basically just replaces the previous version of the Immigration Bill, holds all sorts of new, super-sized promises… few if any of which will ever be realized.

Mickey Kaus analogized it this way:

A man comes into your restaurant. You recognize him–he’s a guy who ate a $100 meal last year and said he’d pay later, but he stiffed you. Now he’s back and wants another meal on credit. He senses you are wary and makes a new offer. “This time I’ll pay you … $2 million! How can you refuse? It’s 2 million dollars!”

You get the idea.  Just try and collect….

None of the new promises being made to push this bill will be worth a Confederate dollar once this is made law. As with Obamacare, the Left has proven themselves perfectly willing to lie, lie, and then lie some more. Their purpose is noble, they tell themselves, so a lie told in pursuit of the greater truth must be righteous.

Uhhh, no. It’s simply a bigger, bolder, balder lie.


So here’s a promise, from one concerned citizen to another: if we continue to allow these lies to go unchallenged; if we don’t hound our elected representatives into listening to us; if we simply turn away from the news and ‘hope for the best’; if we just shrug and mutter ‘what can I do?’…

…this behavior will continue, and become even worse.

And make no mistake: THAT will be our fault, too.

14 responses to “From #Immigration to #Obamacare, this is all OUR fault…

  1. Is this Immigration: the sequel? Or is this like Jason and Friday the 13th? Nothing changes, didn’t they learn anything? Sorry, maybe you shouldn’t answer that. 🙂

    • It’s more like ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’, part 318:

      “Freddy is back, with the glove on his OTHER hand this time. See? It’s, like, TOTALLY different!”

      I can’t believe we’re falling for this crap again.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    The Senate vote on this MESS of an Immigration Bill was made possible by the votes of 15 Republicans who voted for cloture, while ZERO Democrats broke from their party to oppose the measure.

    Why the big “rush” to have this done by their self-imposed deadline of July 4th? Seriously, they’ve bungled immigration policy for so long, but NOW we have to get it done in a hurry? Unbelievable.

    Over 2,000 MILES of border in the south. Only a wee portion of the fence built that was promised. Now, I’m supposed to believe them that “security” in the keystone to the issue?

    Boehner needs to hold to his guns about not even letting this come up for a vote in the House…..

  3. I wouldn’t be so angry if I felt that he was my mistake, I can deal with the consequences of my screw ups. It’s having to contend with the mistakes made by millions of other people that have me hitting my head.

    • What have I told you about hitting your head like that? you’re gonna have a robin’s egg in the middle of your forehead if you keep that up!!!
      Obviously, I’m using the literary “We” to a certain extent. And yet, any time your team loses, there’s always something you could have done differently.
      Personally, I’d suggest that nominating someone other than Mitt would have been a great start.

      Just sayin’…

  4. Appreciate the link buddy.

    What has happened is that the people have spoken before, protested stupid bills, written their Reps, phoned and e-mailed. But even when the Rep votes against the best interests of his/her constituents, the people still vote them back into office. Soon, the Rep gets the idea that they can promise the moon and when it all comes down, only give the people an illusion of getting a pocket full of moon dust.

    • As always, the link is my pleasure, Mr. G!!
      I need to keep reminding myself to link out more often, honestly…

      And as for your main point, we need look no further than your backyard and Lindsey Graham.
      It’s hard to believe that guy is still around.

      I know you’ve been covering the most recent effort to unseat Senator Graham: keep up the good work with that, brudda.
      You’re on the side of the angels there!

  5. Reblogged this on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life and commented:
    I understand there is more stimulus in the immigration bill also. This whole immigration bill process is a travesty and everyone who votes for it should be impeached and forced to walk the plank!

  6. Ryan now said that this bill makes passage of immigration ” much more likely”. So much for the house holding the line. Boehner will give up the hastert rule, the house will pass something, it will go to reconciliation, and obamacare redo via deem and pass or whatever it is called.

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  8. Our government is out of control. We must rein them in or we are doomed.

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