The Expectation of Civility (VIDEO)

Not that long ago, we discussed basic civility in today’s society and what happens when it’s no longer quite so “basic”. I mentioned then that I’d had it beaten into me (figuratively speaking, …for the most part) practically from birth: we were simply held to an expected level of behavior, and there was no excuse for falling below it. Ever.

happy face 3The word to focus on is “expected”. We were expected to be civil: to be courteous and respectful, as well as helpful, kind, and generous with our time.

It was a non-negotiable aspect of my parents’ world.

Fast-forward to today, where such thinking is in woefully short supply. Today, I can go into a store and no longer count on receiving great service, …or even particularly good service. Sure, excellence is still around (I submit that the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain is one of the best and friendliest, anywhere), but it is no longer the expectation it once was: it’s increasingly the exception.

And what of our politicians and leaders, who seem to spend most of their time trying to find ways to rob us of our God-given rights? Is it strictly their fault for behaving so deplorably, so often? Or is it partially our fault, for expecting so little of them?


All of which brings me to the below video from our dear friend, Bill Whittle, as he gives his thoughts on the subject, and to whom he’s affixing at least part of the blame.

As usual, he’s spot-on.

Of course, we’d expect nothing less.

2 responses to “The Expectation of Civility (VIDEO)

  1. It truly IS a matter of choice, my friend. And, the choices we make will define so much about us, just as the choices made by others define them far more than just the flowery rhetoric they might spout. IMHO, true civility comes from a sense of humility and an attitude of service to our fellow man. It’s the difference between those who GENUINELY serve, and those who ACT like they are, but in reality are just LOOKING to be served.

    • Yeah, although I even respect the facade of civility. At least those people are aware they SHOULD be civil, even when they don’t wish to be.
      Worse for us all is the new strain of individuals who have no compunctions of being uncivil creeps. They think being pleasant is old-fashioned.

      It’s times like these that I start feeling very, very old…

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