According to Janet (Big Sis) Napolitano, comparisons to an “Orwellian State” are just crazy talk!

Big Sis Napolitano 4Well, that just settles everything, doesn’t it?

I mean, if Janet Napolitano says north is south, and east is west, we all should probably just start recalibrating our GPS systems immediately: she and her cohorts wouldn’t LIE to us, after all!!

Lest you think I’m taking her out of context, here’s the whole thing:

“I think people have gotten the idea that there’s an Orwellian state out there that somehow we’re operating in. That’s far from the case,” she told Errol Louis during an appearance on Road to City Hall.

Despite civil liberties advocates’ fears that monitoring efforts have gone too far, “there are lots of protections built into the system,” Ms. Napolitano said, pointing to a privacy office embedded in her own department that is “constantly reviewing our policies and procedures.” She further stressed the court review system.

“No one should believe that we are simply going willy-nilly and using any kind of data that we can gather,” she said.

Napolitano Big Sister 3

Ahhh, right on cue: the obligatory “straw-man” argument. Nicely done!

For the record, Janet, the American people are not worried that you will go “willy-nilly and use any sort of data”; quite the contrary. We’re beyond convinced that you and your bureaucratic band of brothers will use highly SPECIFIC data, and use it against very SPECIFIC individuals.

There’s nothing “willy-nilly” about ANY of this…

NSA - fake logo

So just to place her comments into some sort of context, let’s recall a few of Big Sis’ “Greatest Hits”, shall we?

  • Remember that this is the lady who said that, in the case of a workplace shooter, its own agents should “Run-and-Hide”.
  • Back on Christmas Day in 2009, the “Panty Bomber” terrorist was allowed to board a plane in Detroit with explosives in his undies. When they failed to ignite (Lucky Break #1), and then he was restrained by fellow passengers to keep him from trying to ignite them a second time (Lucky Break #2), DHS Secretary Napolitano famously said to have faith in their security measures, since “…the System Worked”. Isn’t that comforting??
  • Also remember back during the Great Sequester Scare, when the DHS released hundreds of illegal immigrant detainees, many with a criminal record? Remember who Jan-Jan blamed it on? NO, not herself or an “Orwellian State”, (you big silly!), but her ever-so-competent “career officials in the field”. Again, this does less than nothing to quell my concerns.

1 Orwell-1984So pardon me for doubting the motives or veracity of Big Sis when she tries to tamp down comparisons of the massive Obama Scandal Complex to Orwell’s famous (and once again wildly popular) dystopia.

Hey, it was Obama himself who just said that if people can’t trust their Federal Government, “then we’re going to have some problems here“.

Right-o, Mr. President!!

Indeed we are.

16 responses to “According to Janet (Big Sis) Napolitano, comparisons to an “Orwellian State” are just crazy talk!

  1. I love the way you write… can’t stand to look at her, but realize you must include the photos for impact. Another of my favorite writers is Rat (first guy in my ‘blogs I follow’ list on my blog); he also writes pure common sense truth (yes, I know, NOT common anymore)… and he also posts pics that make me ill to my stomach (usually of the liar in chief).

    Great post JTR!

  2. Well there, now I feel so much better. Big sis on the job. Nice snarky post.

    • Thanks, B-Ville!
      I usually allow the news item to dictate tone.
      In this case, what choice did I have? It was begging for a snarky response!

      Napolitano gives us that garbage of “THIS is NOT Orwellian”, which when spoken by the Head of the DHS… is practically the DEFINITION of Orwellian!!

      Thus: “Release The Snark“!!!!


  3. Oh! Well, if Nap says so it must be true. 😉

  4. livinrightinpgh

    Somehow, Nappy telling telling me to “trust” her gives me the same feeling as when the dentist says “this isn’t going to hurt”…

    These folks make Slick Willy look like a piker when it comes to parsing words.

    • As I mentioned to DD, it seems to be a collective effort.

      Clinton was a despicable human being (and still is), but now we seem to be led and represented by a small army of individuals who’d lie to you about the time of day, just for the heck of it.

      I’m now only shocked when they tell the truth, and assume those rare events are momentary slip-ups…

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