Happy Father’s Day!!

In honor of Father’s Day, ….both “Heads” are taking the day off.

Hope you enjoy the collection we put together last year (…admittedly, the ‘Star Wars’ one is still my favorite). 

Have a great day, gang….








Fathers Day 121






Fathers Day 533



Fathers Day

7 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!!

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Father’s Day, hanging out with best friends AND a Bruins win last night? Good stuff!

    • Truly, I am a blessed man.
      Many thanks, partner.

      **And even though a hockey game doesn’t compare to the REALLY important stuff in life…
      ….I’d be lying (big-time) if I didn’t admit having the Bruins pull it out in OT, especially after their atrocious start, sure didn’t make my day WORSE, if you know what I mean….


      • livinrightinpgh

        I loathe the Bruins (especially after sweeping my Pens)…. But something about them winning and my friend being a fan of theirs somehow makes it all good. Viva la mamajuana !

  2. Happy Father’s day to you JTR and all the other Dads who comment here. Enjoy your “day off.” 😉

  3. Happy Father’s Day all.

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