The Anti-gun Left vs. the American People and the #2ndAmendment…

The rabid, anti-gun Left has been harping about gun regulation for months now, with activists, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats all screaming their heads off. We even were forced to endure the requisite multi-celebrity PSA, an approach which has become way beyond tiresome at this point.

right to bear arms 1However, there’s a reason these attempts all failed: they are astoundingly ham-handed and transparent, even to folks who aren’t dedicated defenders of the 2nd Amendment.

Although there are myriad previous examples, we just saw this anew with California Senator Barbara Boxer.

As always with her ilk, she’s purporting to seek “justice” for shooting victims. But just as they did with their anti-war stance when Bush was in office (which mysteriously vanished as soon as their guy took over), this is just another example of the Left using a situation to further their own selfish political goals:

You heard that correctly: in Boxer’s mind, an episode like Sandy Hook or Santa Monica provides the “Wind At Their Back”. Does this sound like someone who is truly trying to seek justice, or rather is it a politician who is blatantly exploiting a tragedy?

No need to bother answering that one.


So to cleanse the palate, I’m including not one but TWO clips which highlight the inanity of the Gun Control argument, and the hypocrisy of the anti-gun Hollywood Left itself.

First up is our old buddy, Colion Noir from the NRA. He seems destined for a bigger gig than this someday soon, since he leaves you wanting to hear more from him with every installmentAnd the second one is an old (but still very clever) video, back when those text-to-movie clips were popping up on a daily basis all over YouTube. 

Molon Labe!!

***UPDATE: 6-12-2013 at 5:08pm – 

I missed this earlier. It seems that “Gun Control Fever” was sweeping the studio this past weekend, as MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry got into the act, as well:

NICHOLS: Can I say something else that plays into it, just a quick one? I know this is a tough one. Because if I was one of these parents, I would want to not have this discussion. There’s an immediate rush in to say let’s not politicize this event. Let’s have a decent period where we don’t talk about it –

HARRIS-PERRYBut, yea, we want to politicize it.

NICHOLS: But whether you want to or not, the bottom line is that when we shut the dialogue down and when we slow the process down, that benefits the status quo.

“…we want to politicize it…“??

These people truly have no shame. On the bright side, at least Harris-Perry is honest about it.

11 responses to “The Anti-gun Left vs. the American People and the #2ndAmendment…

  1. Fantastic! *standing ovation* 😀

  2. The second is great, “do you really want all gun owners to belong to a militia? Ooops. I love those standard clips.

    And celebrity PSA’s ….it even sounds dangerous.

    • Yeah, that format is perfect for dry, deadpan humor…
      They almost come out sounding like a computerized Jack Benny.

      (…….of course, not too many folks here will know who Jack Benny IS, but that’s okay…)

  3. The kind of wind at her back is that stench again, like when sewers erupt in DC on hot day. And I’ve heard them describe shootings as giving them the best opportunity they’ve had for gun control. Some perverted hope they have.

  4. Lay down your weapons and Xerxes Obama will be merciful…

    • One of my first & favorite nicknames for him: “President Xerxes”.

      Actually, always thought if you put a ring (with a chain attached to it) through his nostril, Barack could’ve understudied in the movie. ….

      • Almost every liberal I know does not understand the movie or story at all. They believe that the Spartans should have taken the offer to disarm and live but instead declined and died for nothing.

        • Well, as I recall from my High School history lessons, I believe that the Spartans WERE promised Universal Healthcare, Food Stamps and at least 99 weeks of Unemployment if they surrendered,…
          …so your Liberal friends MAY have something there….

  5. During the March of the Ten Thousand, when Cyrus was killed, the The Thousand were alone in a foreign land with no ally. When the Persian king offered peace if the Spartans gave up their arms, the Spartan general Clearchus replied “If it is a case of becoming friends with the King, we shall be more valuable friends if we retain our arms than if we surrender them… and if it is a case of fighting, we shall fight better if we retain our arms than if they are in someone else’s possession.”

    No friendship was established. 🙂

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