Jim McDermott: I’m not saying these #TeaParty folks are lying, but… they’re probably lying

There is very little I can add to this video clip (below) without using four-letter words, but I’ll do my best.

Jim-McDermott-moronI’m actually a little shocked that this guy is being allowed to run free by the Democrats, ’cause this level of high-handedness, belittling and raw condescension doesn’t play well with anyone, other than the most hardcore Leftists.

In his previous diatribe and throughout this interview, what Representative McDermott refused to acknowledge (as we pointed out yesterday) is Tea Party and Conservative groups were targeted due to their views and beliefs. Yet, liberal/progressive groups were not explicitly targeted by the IRS, which is probably why none were brought to testify before the Ways and Means committee.


Based on that (and on the IRS’ own admissions), McDermott’s deliberate attempt to paint these aggrieved parties as “guilty until proven innocent” smacks of pure, belligerent, arrogant partisanship.


I’d practice some deep breathing before you click ‘play’.

All ready? Here ya’ go:




***UPDATE: 6-6-2013 at 10:40am – 

Ed over at HotAir backs me up with regards to McDermott’s performances and his (lack of ) rationale:

“Oh, and as for the Jim McDermott et al strategy of blaming the victims, the poll also finds that only 26% of respondents think that the IRS did nothing wrong.  

Good luck trying to win elections with that demographic alone.”

12 responses to “Jim McDermott: I’m not saying these #TeaParty folks are lying, but… they’re probably lying

  1. This Bozo is not used to being challenged… you go girl!

    • Megyn is one tough cookie.

      You’re right, Art: he is definitely NOT used to being challenged, and he demands deference. Gotta love his repeated “Stop it!”, like a little kid who doesn’t like being told ‘No’.

      …I was half-expecting him to start stomping his feet and holding his breath next…

  2. godsbooklover

    I’m so impressed with her cool throughout that interview!

  3. McDermott really did let the Leftist mask slip, didn’t he?

    That’s what the Left wants the Right to do: shut up, and go along with the Leftist agenda.

    The Left is ever vilifying the Right and trampling on the Constitutional rights of conservatives.

    We should note that Leftwing groups did not have such delays in the granting of their applications.

  4. What a meat head!

  5. Is he a human being or a grapefruit, well unless he can provide us with proof how can we know for certain. He insinuates they are lying and making things up, then denies that is what he did. Just call him Mr, McDirtbag.

  6. tannngl (@tannngl)

    Mr. McDermott obviously said different things in his speech (which he read) in the committee meeting and when he was interviewed by Megyn Kelly. He was trying to protect the IRS in the committee and trying to save his skin in the interview.

    I think his “Stop it!” was his parental view of himself, a common self view of our ‘public servants’.

    He also said that what the IRS did to these patriots was a ‘mistake’ and ‘foolish handling of accounts’ in his prepared speech. Really! A mistake? YOU try to make such a mistake on your tax return or with ANY regulation the govt imposes on you.

    What Mr. McDermott really is trying to avoid is hearing: We MUST abolish the IRS!

  7. tannngl (@tannngl)

    If anyone would like to contact Mr. McDermott you can go here to email him: http://mcdermott.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=476&Itemid=8

  8. Well….Mr. McDermott certainly earned his “Buffoon” badge, which will go nicely with his “Insulting” badge, and his “Condescension” badge.

    Heck, he even earned his “I stayed until the end of the meeting” badge. THAT has to be a tough one for him, given that the bars probably opened before the meeting was over! (Where’s Ted Kennedy when you need him?!)

    You have to love the chutzpah of CLEARLY saying one thing, and then later, when questioned, being able to say that you didn’t say it.

    Watching that interview was almost a comedy routine, were it not so tragic.

    Keep talkin’, McDermott. As JTR said, only your most ardent leftists will stick by you, and I PRAY that those precious “independents” are watching and listening to your every ignorant, insulting word.

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