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The #IRS: “Above The Law”

irs 1They must think we’re idiots.

At the conclusion of a week where we were treated to discovery after stomach-turning discovery, showing IRS abuses that seemed more like Mafia standard protocol than Good Governance, two points were made painstakingly clear:

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Pelosi knows the REAL reason why we’re focused on Obama’s numerous scandals…

You’ve felt this way before.

It rises from your gut when you make a cogent, incisive argument in opposition to an aspect of the President’s agenda (Obamacare, for instance), …but the person you are talking with blithely retorts, “Oh, you just can’t stand him ’cause you’re a racist”, or “Why do you hate poor people?”

This person has, out-of-the-blue, attributed the absolute worst motivations to your reasoning, and with no justification other than you disagreed with them.

You know that feeling, right?


It’s the half-shock/half-fury sensation, where you honestly can’t believe someone is that stupid, dishonest or closed-minded that they refuse to acknowledge even the logical basis of your argument. You’ve felt it.

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“Tea Party vs. the #IRS”: the movie Hollywood will never, EVER make

Movie Clapper Board 222After my post the other day, I’ve been thinking a lot about movies. And last night it hit me: I’ve got an idea for a screenplay that just can’t miss!!

…A group of freedom-loving patriots, ordinary folks hailing from ordinary hamlets (we’ll call them the “TEA Party”), witness their beloved country being taken over by a hostile State.

Rallying around a single man’s call to stand up and fight, they answer in droves. Neighborhood by neighborhood, then town by town, they band together across the entire country, creating an impressive force which positively impacts an election.

Then, the State fights back, attempting to crush and grind these groups out of existence, or intimidate them into silence.

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Say What?? More Abortion-Related Illogic in the News

Yesterday we noted that some of our most divisive social issues are predicated on logic which seems childish at best.  Here’s another example of the kind of wild inconsistency which is rampant in a society which insists that abortion remain legal, but still seeks to prosecute some of those who kill unborn babies.


I opened today’s paper and read a news brief out of Tampa, Florida, in which a man is accused of tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion drug to kill their unborn child.

WeldenAccording to the Associated Press, Andrew John Welden, 28, is accused of giving Remee Lee, 26, the labor-inducing abortifacient Cytotec (misoprostol), without her knowledge.   Lee had recently had a doctor’s appointment with Welden’s father, Dr. Stephen Welden.  John Welden is accused of forging his father’s signature on a prescription for Cytotec and putting it in a bottle which he re-labeled as amoxicillin, an antibiotic. He reportedly told Lee that his father had found that she had a bacterial infection and had prescribed the antibiotic.

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The Logic of a Toddler…Sadly Similar to Adults’ Today

kid in bubble bathMy two-year-old granddaughter was happily splashing in her tub, enjoying from head to toe the profusion of bubbles that I’d allowed her. When she announced she was ready to get out, I said, “OK, let me rinse you off first.”

“No! No!” she shrieked.  I turned on the water and got the handheld shower head ready, stood her up (not without a struggle) and sprayed the soap suds off her, all while she complained loudly. When I turned the water off and deposited her on my lap in a towel, she said grumpily, “Now I’m all wet!”

Isn’t this just like all us big humans? If we’re in a situation which we have chosen, we’re fine. But if we find ourselves in the same circumstances dictated by someone else, we cry “Foul!”

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“ENTITLEMENTS” – Another press conference with Mr. Virtual President

v-potus-header“Mr. Virtual President” has returned, and today he’s discussing one of the most troubling issues that we have: Entitlements

We’ve come a long way from our country’s beginnings in this area. Self-sufficiency was once a uniform point of pride for our citizenry, a virtue that didn’t begin to deteriorate until the advent of Social Security. And then the floodgates opened: Medicare and Medicaid; SSDI, Food Stamps, and widow’s benefits being paid out to unmarried mothers. Unemployment. And on, and on…

Though allegedly done out of compassion, the result was easily predicted: a nation in staggering debt. Worse, we now have individual and generational dependency upon the Government at an all-time high.

Hardly a “Great Society“.

A President who honestly believed in the capability and capacity of the American people, and had the strength of his own convictions, would take steps to correct this. And the very first step would be to honestly discuss it, as is seen below:

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Now Showing! at the Obama Scandal-plex: “The IRS, the AP, the DOJ and #Benghazi…”

Movie TicketAt this point, if every separate Obama Administration scandal was a movie, you’d need to rent out a couple of multiplexes to show them all.


And that’s just the CURRENT ones.

I’m actually in scandal overload. In U.S. history, I personally can’t recall such an overwhelming display of blatant corruption and abuse of power since possibly Louisiana Governor Huey Long in the 1930s. By comparison, Watergate and Teapot Dome don’t even come close, in scale or breadth.

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Obama is shocked, SHOCKED!, that #IRS was harassing/intimidating Conservative groups

**With apologies to Captain Renault….

shocked, shocked

“Don’t tell me: …you’re ‘shocked’, right?”

Are we really supposed to believe that Obama is dismayed and distraught at revelations of political intimidation within the IRS? That (according to Allahpundit) he “just found out about this on Friday”?

Is our President honestly expecting us to swallow the following tale: that for some inexplicable reason, a rogue band of low-level IRS flunkies took it upon themselves to target the political enemies of this Administration, all without Obama’s imprimatur?

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