A Liberal Policy Experiment at a Fun Park

Courtesy of our buddy, Cosmo, comes a marvelous allegory for society today. The moral of the story is impossible to miss, and I believe he nails the truth of it: this scenario would’ve played out largely the same whether the participants were 8, 18, or 38.


Sadly, until more of us RE-learn the virtue of self-control and begin acting like mature adults again, I fear we’ll continue to behave as an entire NATION of 8-year-olds…


liberal_crap-230x300Last weekend my son got invited to a party with some of his 2nd grade classmates and something interesting happened that I had not expected – I observed a social experiment that demonstrated the failures of Liberal policy.

There were 7 boys at the party and the plan was for the kids to spend 2 hours at a very large Fun Park that is loaded with all sorts of fun link video games, go-karts, a large indoor playground, putt-putt, bowling, lazer tag, etc.  The father who threw the party gave every kid a $25 card to be used at the park and this was very generous considering the games usually required just $0.25 for each play.  These 2nd graders could do anything they wanted to do as long as their gift cards still had money on them.

And that is where the social experiment happened!  Since this is…

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5 responses to “A Liberal Policy Experiment at a Fun Park

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Amen, bro!

    If any of our readers AREN’T following Cosmo’s blog, they SHOULD! The best stuff on AGW debunking I’ve seen!

    • We are blessed with almost too many great fellow bloggers, to be sure.

      But, if folks AREN’T visiting the sites listed in our ‘Blogroll’ (in the right-hand sidebar), they’re missing out on some quality writing and info….

  2. It said it all didnt it. I recall in grade school about the squirrel that didnt store up enough nuts for the winter. You guessed the outcome. The othe squirrels pitched in and helped him through. The caveat was the lesson to be learned was the next year the lazy squirrel learned his lesson. Fat chance.

  3. tannngl (@tannngl)

    I so agree, Pgh. Love his statistics and charts!
    I’ve followed many in your list too. Great bloggers; goods words of wisdom.

  4. I am sure the government does not view the children’s spending as a problem. Instead, the problem is the lack of equality in the price of the games and something needs to be done about that!

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