Memorial Day Tribute…


The video below is still the best, most stirring Memorial Day Tribute I’ve ever found.

May God Bless our brave military men and women, too many of whom have sacrificed EVERYTHING to protect our freedom. They are the reason we can spend today cooking hot dogs and hamburgers with our family.

Have a happy Memorial Day, everyone:


***One small note: the video author noted that he missed a word at the end of the tribute. “Lest We Never Forget…” should actually read: “Lest We Ever Forget”.

8 responses to “Memorial Day Tribute…

  1. That was beautiful, JTR. Thank you, you can not watch that without crying.

  2. Beautifully moving… thank you.

    • The thanks goes to our men and women.

      Just glad you enjoyed it, Teach.

      • Absolutely agreed, but we must all play our part, even if it is to post a moving reminder, an honor to those who have given and sacrificed so much more than others (me) have been able to. 😉

  3. Thanks so much for a perfect reminder of what this whole thing is about.

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