(UPDATE) – Democrat Rep: Hey, #IRS! Give us real answers, or there’ll be “Hell To Pay…”

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The House Oversight Committee continued their hearings today (seen over at HotAir), but when you start getting verbiage like this from the President’s own party, perhaps the worm is beginning to turn here:

This came prior to IRS official Lois Lerner‘s brief statement, which had two essential bullet points:

  • I have done nothing wrong
  • And that’s, like, totally why I’m pleading the Fifth Amendment, ’cause otherwise I might let slip some fact or item …which could prove I did something wrong.

So what to think? No one’s arguing against Lerner’s right to take the Fifth, but her doing so absolutely leaves her rationale, involvement and credibility in serious question. Why would you not testify to clear your name, if you weren’t protecting either yourself or someone else?

Call me cynical if you wish, but by now the Administration has made me this way.

Snape - cynical



***UPDATE: 5-22-13 at 1:06pm – 

Courtesy of Gunny G’s blog, here’s a little trip down memory lane, which is deliciously applicable to today’s events…

I’m kinda’ guessing Obama of 2013 would no longer agree with Obama of 2010:



***UPDATE #2: 5-22-13 at 6:30pm – 

Well, THIS just got even more interesting!!

From Politico:

“House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said embattled IRS official Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights and will be hauled back to appear before his panel again.

The California Republican said Lerner’s Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination was voided when she gave an opening statement this morning denying any wrongdoing and professing pride in her government service.”

18 responses to “(UPDATE) – Democrat Rep: Hey, #IRS! Give us real answers, or there’ll be “Hell To Pay…”

  1. “hell to pay” = Promotions . . . in Democrat vocabulary.

    • That certainly seems accurate, RP.

      Kirsten Powers (no Conservative, she) even asked, “If Obama is so outraged, then who’s been fired?”
      The answer, of course, is nobody of any real merit, and certainly no one associated with President Genius.

      Must. Protect. The Precious…!

  2. “Why would you not testify to clear your name, if you weren’t protecting either yourself or someone else?” … HEAR, HEAR!

  3. …This just in…The comment “there’ll be Hell to pay” by a House democrat is causing confusion in Hell over who would be billed at the IRS as most top officials there have already sold their souls……More at 6…

  4. “Call me cynical if you wish, but by now the Administration has made me this way.”

    Me too. Good observation. Why wouldn’t she answer questions if it would not incriminate her? JTR, you’re just so smart!

    • Well, my wife might protest that last statement…

      But the aspect of the Fifth Amendment Lerner’s invoking is usually defined as “the constitutional right of a person to refuse to answer questions or otherwise give testimony against himself or herself. … ”

      So, if her answers would be testimony AGAINST her, it implies that by her answers Congress could infer guilt.

      Not testifying doesn’t PROVE her guilt, …but it sure does make her LOOK guilty, doesn’t it?

  5. It sure does!
    Maybe she’ll pull herself out of this when Issa brings her back to actually testify. *smirk*

  6. They got away with their corruption the first two years when they controlled all branches. They got full of it, and they forgot the GOP has the House. If not, we would know nothing.

    • I think you’ve got ’em pegged, bunkerville. Their idea of governance is “Do everything we want”. As soon as things started to go away from them, they started with this crap.

      Just think of how they’d be behaving if we had the Senate, too.

  7. livinrightinpgh

    Ms. Lerner is keeping in mind the testimony she gave last year before Congress. Claiming protection against self-incrimination now is saving her from contradicting THOSE sworn statements which would be grounds for perjury. She is, in all senses, “between a rock and a hard place” because of that prior testimony.

    Like so many others, I’ll be anxious to see the outcome of all of Obama’s feigned rage. I saw this morning that his “trust” factor had dropped from a high of 72% to 49%. Of course, I’m wondering WHAT drugs that remaining 49% are taking.

    • Answer: same ones they were taking back in the 60s…
      But at this point, they have no need of drugs. They’ve been programmed to think a certain way since their teens. It would require a tremendous effort on THEIR PART to dispel the miasma of lies and distortions they’ve been inhaling all that time.

      Proof and facts don’t matter. Logic doesn’t matter.
      It’s pure ideology, and all that doesn’t reinforce the ideology is dismissed.

      Heck, I’m ideological, but I ACKNOWLEDGE that, and always seek to substantiate anything I posit as potentially true. The Left largely doesn’t, which is the entire problem.

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  9. godsbooklover

    Can I like this a second time based on your most recent update?!

  10. I guess that even a worm (a Democrat) will turn and confront a problem at some point. Saving itself, I guess.

    PS: You are blogrolled at my site.

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