Leftist Media on Obama’s scandals: Defend, Dispute and Dismiss

salon 11From Salon.com:

The last several years have brought a parade of dark revelations about the Barack Obama administration, from the manipulation of intelligence in Benghazi to the IRS’ targeting of Conservatives to extrajudicial spying inside the United States.

But there are growing indications that these known abuses of power may only be the tip of the iceberg. Now, in the 2nd term of the Obama presidency, a movement is stirring in Washington for a sweeping new inquiry into White House malfeasance that would be modeled after the famous Church Committee congressional investigation of the 1970s.

Wow!! Did Salon really print that about President Obama? They’ve finally started covering this in earnest! That is unbelievable….

Honestly, it IS unbelievable, because the above passage is from an article back in 2008, and (with only the bold-&-italicized parts having been changed) all criticisms are directed at …George W. Bush.

C’mon, you didn’t think a charter member of Obama’s cheerleading squad would turn on their heartthrob THAT easily, did you?

press hearts obama

You might think that, with the very phantoms and fears that Leftists screamed about for years now actually happening in front of their eyes, even places like Salon would man-up and say “No more!”

And if you thought that, you’d be oh-so-mistaken.

Their failure to show even a fraction of their previous indignation today is self-explanatory. The invective and opprobrium they heaped upon the last Administration was all for show: a cudgel to be used against an ideological rival, and nothing more.

No, even with the current Administration awash in abuses of power, malfeasance and privacy intrusions which are several times worse than anything they even alleged against President Bush, what sort of headlines do we see from Salon now?

And this little gem:

“Okay, but that’s Salon“, you say. Well, then there are these:


I have plenty more, if you want ’em.

Add in that CBS, ABC, CNN execs all have relatives working as big-time advisers for the Obama White House, and it helps explain why so many in the media don’t seem to see, hear, or speak about the President’s recent “difficulties”.


So, what to do?

Well, first of all, do NOT sit back and pin your hopes on the Media remaining too incensed about all this: they might fake it for a while, but their hearts just aren’t in it. Without a Republican in the White House, getting outraged by scandal just doesn’t feel right to them… Sort of like if you order a Root-Beer Float, and the kid at the counter hands you soy-based frozen glop, floating in a glass of TaB: you might choke it down once, but you’re not going back for seconds.

More importantly: we need to focus on our representatives. Call them, email them, send them a telegram; something. Heck, show up at their office. The more support our folks in Congress perceive there is to get to the bottom of this mess, the freer they’ll be to pursue the truth, wherever it leads.


I’d love to be wrong about all this; I would. Maybe the press will go “all-in” like it’s Abu Ghraib all over again.

But I’m guessing that no matter what ultimately shakes out, the absolute best we can expect from partisan stooges like Salon, NPR or NBC would be a future headline along the lines of, “Well-meaning but tragically misguided OBAMA: thankfully, still not as bad as Bushitler“.



****UPDATE: 5-21-13 at 5:00pm

Looks like I’m right, …unfortunately.

Unless someone can come up with a better reason for Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo, Ezra Klein from WaPo, and all-purpose lib Jonathan Capehart to all be going to tea with Obama besides “Hey, guys, you need to do a better job of covering my tail than you’re doing now”:


****UPDATE #2: 5-22-13 at 1:41pm – 

From Ace Of Spades HQ:

‘Ezra Klein and Josh Marshall, Who Got a VIP Briefing at the White House Yesterday, Are Curiously on the Same Page Today….’

Quote: “What I glean from this is that the previous White House position –(nothing more needs be done, this is all a “partisan fishing expedition”)– is now inoperative, and a NEW defense –(fire Lois Lerner and then claim that nothing more needs be done, this is all now just a partisan fishing expedition, again)– is now in effect.”

12 responses to “Leftist Media on Obama’s scandals: Defend, Dispute and Dismiss

  1. We’ve all followed this type of stuff long enough to know that NO MATTER WHAT Obama (or any Leftist President, Senator, Congressman, or Governor) does, there will be those SO BLINDED by either their ideology, or the simple fact that they don’t want to admit that they’ve been wrong, or that the first President-of-color has been a COMPLETE disaster, that they will NEVER be honest about it. By any objective standard, Obama’s regime is an anti-Constitutional nightmare.

    It’s been engrained into an entire generation of low information, under-educated people. It’s going to take OUR actions, one by one, over many years, to reverse the damage. YESTERDAY should have been the first day of our journey, not tomorrow, and not the next day.

  2. LOVE the Storm Trooper picture! HAHA!!

    • You DO realize I include stuff like that with you SPECIFICALLY in mind, I hope….


      Thanks for being here, DD!

      • Sweet! Thanks for the thoughts. 🙂 By the way, what do you think about J.J. Abrams directing the new Star Wars? That could be really good or really bad. I’m not sure. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Well, Abrams is a solid director, so that’s cool.

          Actually, my fear is about the production schedule.
          A movie a year? THAT worries me, even without Lucas behind the camera… which is a blessing, all in itself.

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  4. I think that at least some of the MSM media are waking up to the fact that if the IRS can be used to tap the telephones of reporters like FOXNEWS employees James Rosen and William LaJeunesse, CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson [which may explain CBS’s reluctance to support Ms Attkisson’s admirable effort in seeking the truth] as well as entire organizations such as the AP, that there is a real, clear and present danger to their own safety as journalists.brewing.

    Certainly, the circumstances surrounding Ms. Attkisson’s employers lack of support of for admirable efforts in getting the story for their organization indicates, at least, that someone in government has been putting pressure on the entire organization. The fact that Mr. Rosen has been named as a “criminal co-conspirator” for doing his job should raise eyebrows among all Americans, but especially within the community of journalists. William La Juenesse and his producer have been targets for their persistent and convincing reporting on Operation Fast and Furious and the death of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry.

    Here is a story from an ABC reporter on this topic: ABC Analyst Things ObamaKnew About IRS Tax Scandal Before The Election While Ms. Attkisson may be reluctant to release information at this time regarding the hacking of her computer(s) without legal counsel and the consent of CBS, this ABC news analyst is freely speaking out and leaving no room for walking back his comments and claims. One can only hope that the devil went too far and caused those in fear of speaking to now fear remaining silent even more.

    • Wonderful comment and completely true, Rick. You and I share the same hope.
      However, my hope remains dampened when I see how much of the Media seems to be fighting with itself as to if/how/how much to cover the Obama Scandal-topia.

      ***Reminds me a bit of Dr. Strangelove’s difficulty with keeping his arm from giving the “Heil Hitler” salute.
      I know: I’m dating myself with that reference…

      Attkisson has done spectacular work, but she’s also rumored to be on the ‘outs’ with management over the very reporting that has brought her, and them, so much recognition. Again, they’re fighting with themselves here.

      But who knows? Maybe this IS a bridge too far, and they’ll chase these stories down to the end.
      I know I’ll continue to try to shed light on it as much as possible, yet will not be surprised in the slightest if the Media suddenly announces “OK, it’s all done” as they did with Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind Innocence of Muslims.

      Thanks, as always, brotha’…………

      • You are welcome. As to Attkisson, I have full faith that she will do the right thing. She is the only reporter to my recollection from CBS who has demonstrated consistent ethics and reporting standards. By contrast, look to John Roberts, now with FOX, who seems to have reinvented himself after CNN opted not to renew his contract by moving from supporting leftist positions to now joining the fight against them with very little down the middle.

      • I meant to type CNN but my fingers apparently wouldn’t let me do so without a stiff resolve to get past them as devices of protection from speaking evil words and call letters.

        • LOL!

          Rick, my bad.
          When you wrote that, I edited you, thinking you had typed it wrong.
          Didn’t even consider the fact that she had been at CNN, since she left 20 years ago…

          My apologies, partner. Was trying to help out, but that one’s on me!

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