The #IRS: “Above The Law”

irs 1They must think we’re idiots.

At the conclusion of a week where we were treated to discovery after stomach-turning discovery, showing IRS abuses that seemed more like Mafia standard protocol than Good Governance, two points were made painstakingly clear:

  • The IRS holds both the American tax payer and Congressional oversight utterly in contempt.
  • IRS acting commissioner Steven Miller is a lousy liar.

During their Congressional hearings yesterday, we were informed by Miller that “it is absolutely NOT illegal” for the IRS to target Conservatives. As infuriating as that was, we were also fed an entire panoply of lies and distortions, including the mega-sized whopper that “he didn’t mislead Congress” when asked in 2012 by the House Ways and Means Committee if inappropriate targeting activity was taking place.

“Mislead” must be yet another of those terms which the Obama White House has redefined.

But my very favorite (the best of the worst, if you will) was the following, as Miller attempted to spin these reprehensible activities in the least damaging way:

So, deliberately harassing and intimidating groups which have a particular ideology is now to be termed “Horrible Customer Service”??

Even acknowledging the self-evident fact that the IRS is an ineptly run agency, this statement is exceptional. If that’s the new standard for “horrible service”, it sets the stage for any number of potential applications:


Frankly, if the tax-paying public accepts these pathetic prevarications and excuses from the very agency entrusted to enforce Obamacare next year; …if we allow them to behave as if they’re above the law; …if we don’t insist for this to finally be changed, now; …

…then maybe we really ARE idiots.

23 responses to “The #IRS: “Above The Law”

  1. Excellent post!

    “The IRS holds both the American tax payer and Congressional oversight utterly in contempt.
    IRS acting commissioner Steven Miller is a lousy liar.”

    That sums it up nicely.

    I would add that IF we are really customers of the IRS, we should have some other place to shop.

    • I’d be willing to trade for another country’s leadership, as long as they were more honest and respecting of freedom.

      You know: like Venezuela, for instance.

  2. I agree tannngl, another place to shop could be at least an option. The IRS are like Germany’s Secret Police, scary stuff.

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Oh that this were just an issue within the IRS….Sadly, we see the same attitude of contempt and disdain from such other noble groups as the DOJ and the EPA (and many, MANY more). Career departmental employees (who vote consistently more for the D’s than the R’s) have completely forgotten WHO pays their salary. Government has become the modern day version of “The Blob” or a giant black hole in space. It just keeps gobbling up resources and gets fatter and fatter and fatter.

    The EPA is fining petroleum, coal, etc, for EVERY possible thing it can think of fining them for. A refinery kills a bird….big fine. A wind farm kills Eagles and thousands of other birds….NO fine.

    I literally busted out laughing when I heard Mr. Miller’s “horrible customer service” line. But, as I’ve consistently maintained: these folks live in an alternate reality.

    Should be fun when THEY start enforcing O-care…..

  4. Kind of reminds me of the bureaucracy of the old Soviet Union. The buck doesn’t stop here, there’s always someone else to blame.

    • Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is ever their fault.
      My sons had more pride at 8 years old than anyone in this entire Administration.

      Absence of a conscience must be a hiring prerequisite.

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  6. “We provided horrible customer service here.” Yah think?

    But of course his definition of “customer” or “service” would be different than mine I’m sure.

    • Congrats to gov’t for employing another person as arrogant and defiant as Obama.

      • As someone who’s done more than my share of recruiting and hiring, I’ll just say this: you hire ONE person that’s a screw-up, …hey, it happens.

        But when EVERYONE in a position of responsibility seems to be an arrogant, dishonest creep…. baby, that’s all on you.

    • Wait a second here…

      If WE are the “customers”, then by extension that would make the IRS our “service provider”, correct?
      And if that’s the case, we should be able to choose a different “provider”.
      But if we can’t, then that’d mean the IRS is a monopoly…. which are illegal.

      So, IF we are “customers”, that logically means that the IRS is an illegal entity…. and must be dismantled.

      Okay, NOW I’ll accept the “horrible customer service” excuse!


  7. “Now that your IRS audit is complete, please take a moment to fill out the 64 page comment card…”

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