Say What?? More Abortion-Related Illogic in the News

Yesterday we noted that some of our most divisive social issues are predicated on logic which seems childish at best.  Here’s another example of the kind of wild inconsistency which is rampant in a society which insists that abortion remain legal, but still seeks to prosecute some of those who kill unborn babies.


I opened today’s paper and read a news brief out of Tampa, Florida, in which a man is accused of tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion drug to kill their unborn child.

WeldenAccording to the Associated Press, Andrew John Welden, 28, is accused of giving Remee Lee, 26, the labor-inducing abortifacient Cytotec (misoprostol), without her knowledge.   Lee had recently had a doctor’s appointment with Welden’s father, Dr. Stephen Welden.  John Welden is accused of forging his father’s signature on a prescription for Cytotec and putting it in a bottle which he re-labeled as amoxicillin, an antibiotic. He reportedly told Lee that his father had found that she had a bacterial infection and had prescribed the antibiotic.

What is the precise charge when you take away a woman’s right to “choose” to have a baby? When you take action to harm what is, according to law, not yet human (Lee was less than seven weeks pregnant)?

I’m so glad you asked:

John Andrew Welden was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury on charges of product tampering and first-degree murder and faces up to life in prison if convicted of the murder charge. He’s also the defendant in a lawsuit filed in state court by his ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Remee Lee.

… Lee is suing Welden for battery, intentional infliction of emotional harm, and punitive damages.  Welden’s father, the doctor, has not been accused of wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crime.

Did you catch that?  Welden is accused of first-degree murder.  Not a crime against Lee, but a crime against a baby.  A baby that Lee could have killed legally for another four months, if it had been her choice, instead of his.  While for herself, Lee can only claim “battery and emotional harm”, the federal grand jury’s charges could put Welden in jail for life, for murder.  Not for violating a part of Lee’s body, or disrupting the development of a blob of tissue…but for deliberately killing a human being with 1st Amendment rights.

This is a human being with rights.

This is a human being with rights.

Of course I am thrilled that this is going to trial.  I’m just confused as to how it can be reconciled with the current law of the land.

Welden’s attorney, David Weisbrod, admitted that his client’s actions were “aberrant…”straying from the right or normal way” according to Webster’s.

There’s an understatement worthy of…our current Administration.

16 responses to “Say What?? More Abortion-Related Illogic in the News

  1. Well said. May Gods Justice be done, AMEN!

  2. Wow!
    In order to maintain our immoral ‘rights’ to abortion, we must be inconsistent in our laws.
    That says something.

    • Sadly, Tannngl, it says nothing new…the people of ancient Israel masterfully held to the letter of the Law and did whatever was right in their own eyes, and we haven’t improved any since then…

  3. There must be a legal status for when a fetus becomes a baby and when ending the life of the fetus or baby is a medical procedure or murder. How can it be both ways? If the mother can end the babies life and call it abortion, then does the father have the same right?

    God bless.

    • godsbooklover

      Those are good questions, aren’t they? If we continue to legislate based on our emotions at any given time, we’re going to keep getting these anomalies. But if a person really IS a person, no matter how small…it makes everything much simpler.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    When will you Christian whackos learn! It’s not about the death of the innocent! It’s about WHO makes that decision. Mr. Weldon was just “in touch” with his “inner femininity” will be the defense. After all, if Ms. Lee did take the pill voluntarily, the Left would be promoting her as a model of feminine choice….

    The symbol for the Left’s ideology, should be a pretzel. (Although in NYC, Nanny Bloomberg would demand that the pretzel have no salt on it.)

    • godsbooklover

      I wish I were sure that nothing that ridiculous could happen in this case…but I fear that the actual defense will be even more absurd.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Ms. Lee will be charged with “unauthorized use of Mr. Weldon’s ‘seed'”.

        Mr. Weldon: “Yeah, I gave it to her, but I didn’t give her permission to become pregnant with it.”

        • livinrightinpgh

          Oh…..and what IF Ms. Lee told him she was “on the pill” or “couldn’t become pregnant”? Does Mr. Weldon have a case for “theft by deception”?

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  6. The girl, Remee Lee is a stripper and an alcoholic. She has admitted to having abortions in the past. Why is this one different? She admitted to “falling in love” with him because she always wanted to be a “Doctor’s Wife”. This girl is mentally whacked! We haven’t heard from Andrew on what “Really” happened that night. He could have used a condom knowing she was a stripper and she purposely damaged the condom with the intent to get pregnant and trap the man for life. Shame on her! A real life Fatal Attraction story.

    • The particulars of this case were not really the point. The point was the incredibly contradictory ways that our legal system handles the rights of the unborn, based solely on whether the mother happens to “want” the child at that moment. If my rights are taken away because someone decides I’m inconvenient…it’s wrong, no matter what age I am.

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