The Logic of a Toddler…Sadly Similar to Adults’ Today

kid in bubble bathMy two-year-old granddaughter was happily splashing in her tub, enjoying from head to toe the profusion of bubbles that I’d allowed her. When she announced she was ready to get out, I said, “OK, let me rinse you off first.”

“No! No!” she shrieked.  I turned on the water and got the handheld shower head ready, stood her up (not without a struggle) and sprayed the soap suds off her, all while she complained loudly. When I turned the water off and deposited her on my lap in a towel, she said grumpily, “Now I’m all wet!”

Isn’t this just like all us big humans? If we’re in a situation which we have chosen, we’re fine. But if we find ourselves in the same circumstances dictated by someone else, we cry “Foul!”

a DoJ fat cat...where's his owner?

a DoJ fat cat…where’s his owner?

There are any number of current correlations, aren’t there? My brother, JTR, pointed out a big one yesterday, when he wrote about the Department of Justice secretly obtaining AP News phone records. All this Administration’s excesses and abuses were treated as innocuous until the MSM itself was touched.

Now it’s shocking!  “…I’m all wet!


pro-life-clip-artWe can live in the midst of atrocious human carnage, as long as it’s safely hidden away in a “legal” abortion practice.

But if we’re forced to confront what’s really going on, we cry out in protest–because there’s SO much difference between sucking the brains out of a preborn infant’s skull, versus snipping its spinal cord after it emerges from the birth canal (aka “death canal”?).

For an excellent essay on how difficult it is for a thinking person to parse the differences between legal and illegal abortion, see Andrée Seu Peterson’s  “Courtroom Horror” in World Magazine.


With a toddler’s logic, we think soaking in our comfortable bubble bath is entirely different from taking a quick shower…and like her, while we may be able to convince ourselves of this for a time, our arguments–like the two-year-old’s–are all wet.

“Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who substitute darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who substitute bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.”

Isaiah 5:20 HCSB

9 responses to “The Logic of a Toddler…Sadly Similar to Adults’ Today

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Ironic how nothing is ever REALLY a problem until it happens to us, isn’t it?

    There’s a great line in the song “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Come to the Well: “Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers”.

  2. God needs to open our hearts, our eyes and our ears. Maybe, this is what He is trying to do. When things are great how often do we say thanks.
    Now that things are tough we want His help. We are like children. Thanks for the post. We need to keep preaching the gospel!!!!!!!!! Stay strong and courageous!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A wonderful post that says it all.

  4. Great post! I read the “Courtroom Horror” article — brilliant piece. So sad, poor granny just doesn’t get it.

    Thanks for linking back to Biltrix. God bless!

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